Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Being an impulsive traveller

07.25 pm, Chalakkudy

Waiting in a good restaurant after having ordered a big meal. I'm awfully hungry now :) Had a very nice trip to Athirappilly falls.

Most of my long bike rides are not planned in advance.Today my work finished early by 12.30 noon. Didn't go to OP today. Had a health check up at a school. By noon i had some what made up my mind to travel a bit. Felt like trying out the panorama photo software i installed in my phone recently. The software takes a wide angle (180 degree) shots.

Will add more details soon. Phone's battery low. My order just arrived too.

10.24 pm, Home

Reached home finally! Uploaded all the images from my phone to PC. So here's the story, after today's work i decided to go somewhere in my bike. Since i didn't have enough time to go to my favourite biking destination Nelliampthi Hills i decided to go to Athirappilly, the place where Raavan was shot. The place is around 80km away from my house. Considering the rain and the winding roads i decided i can reach there in 2 hours and come back by night. (My last trip to Athirappilly was unplanned too. Was sitting in a boring class, felt like going some where. I set forth to Athirappilly with only 75 Rs in my purse! Got stopped by police on the way :) Will explain that story later )

Here are some snaps on the way

The rain gods were on my side till i reached the entrance of the falls by around 4pm. Then it stated pouring heavily so i changed into my rain coat and set forth to meet my favourite holiday destination. I didn't take lunch as i had to reach there soon. So i bought a bottle of sprite and kept it with me. I knew it will come in handy when i climb down to the bottom of the falls. Here's the view from the top

Here's the drop..

Stayed for a while at the top of the falls. This is the place where Aiswarya Rai jumps down in Raavan :) I'm pretty sure it wasn't her who jumped. But it was definitely her who touched down below in the water. Its not a very big drop but lethal as there are lots of rocks below. Took a few sips of sprite and headed to the bottom of the falls. We can go near that! Isn't that great! But better be ready to get wet :) There's a paved road nearby using which you can reach the bottom of the falls. Here's the road

The place was quiet as it was late in the evening, raining and it was a working day. It was just the way i wanted. I don't like to go to crowded tourist posts. But i did feel a bit vulnerable as it was late and there were very few people around. Since muggers and thieves are not much common here i was okay with the feeling. I slowly walked down for a while taking snaps and here's the place near the falls.

This is the place where the fight scene between Ash and Abhishek in Raavan was shot. The place is cool. But do watch out for the leeches if you go into the path between the bamboo trees (not in this photo). It was getting late and i needed to leave. On the way back i had a small chat with the guard who had been standing there warning overzealous tourists with his whistle. The poor guy talked like he hadn't talked to some one in ages. It was a lonely place and its natural. He told me about how the whole place we were standing was filled with water last month. After small chat i checked my shirt (i was wearing jacket which was open near the collar. The whole shirt was drenched with water! :) So i climbed back on to the top of the falls. Dried myself a bit. Then drove back home. Stopped near Dreamworld water theme park and took some snaps.

Had the late lunch from Chalakkudy by 7.30pm. Got caught up in an awful rain on the way. I find it hard to drive in rain at night. Since i use glasses the glare from the headlights is disorienting. I was 15kms away from when my headlight gave in to the rain. The bulb blew i guess and i was driving with out lights! I switched on the left turn indicator and kept it beeping all the way till i reached home.

So it was a great day :) A day to remember..

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