Monday, July 26, 2010

Good deeds never go unpunished

Today OP ended late by around 3.30 evening. The no of patients had crossed hundred today. I was hungry as usual as i didn't have my lunch yet. I went to my bike to find its left mirror loose at its base, some ****** had twisted it in 180 degrees so that the mirror now faced the front of the bike. Fixed the mirror on the way back home from a workshop. I guess its what i will get for working hard even when there's no need for it. I feel it would be wrong to judge a community based on the actions of a single individual.

Dear God,

I will continue to do my work regardless of the gains i get out of it. I know i will never get any appreciation from authorities and i will never have any financial gains. I will continue to work as per my heart. This is my prayer for you god. I don't go to church or kneel and pray. I am praying through my deeds. I am living by the way you promised and i donate 10% of my monthly income to poor patients. I don't want anything in return. I'm just trying to make my life useful to some one. Thank you god.

p.s: i hope you do read blogs :)

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