Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Sad Day..

Once again it was proved that god calls back good people early. Today i woke up to the news of the death of one of my nicest teachers; Dr Nandakumar, Professor of Medicine, Govt Medical College Thrissur. He was just fifty three! Fifty three! He was too young to die... too young.. to die.. Its awful to see good people leave this world so early. He was one of the nicest teachers i ever had. He looked so young and handsome. He always had great dress sense. And all the girls in my batch used to admire him for that :) He was never rude to me. I had worked with many other professors who were awfully mean and rude. But he was so different. He died of some kind of fever. He had developed fever two weeks back and his fever had almost subsided a week back. Then the unthinkable... Why god why? You let the bad people prosper and you call back the good early. Its so unfair. So unfair. So mean of you. So sad..

Ironically the same fever that took his life made sure i never saw him for the last time. I had planned to go to his funeral at noon but the rush at the OPD just took away the time. Everyone is having fever. By the time OP was finished it was late. God bless the soul of Nandakumar Sir, he was a good guy god. He was a good guy. Please take care of him.

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