Thursday, July 15, 2010

Xenophobic rant by Joel Stein

I recently came to know about Joel Stein via a tweet from Abhishek Bachan who addressed him like this

So i followed the link and found out the article named "My Own Private India" which i felt was a xenophobic rant. I don't know if its racist or not as that word is so unnecessarily used these days. But i did feel the author of the article has some serious issues with Indian immigrants. I was also surprised to see a times article containing insults towards gods of a specific religion. The article attracted wide spread attention from all over the world and i guess its what he needed. He's famous and he'll get more money. May be he should try the same with other religions next time and see what happens to him. What stein doesn't realise is that his nation was found by immigrants. I agree most of the people there aren't racist but i truly feel stomach sick when people say things like "Go back to your own country" or use terms such as "dot heads". Such people are always welcome to come to India especially to my place Kerala and see how we treat guests or immigrants.

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