Monday, August 16, 2010

There is still goodness left in this world

At my working place i have acquired a donation box from pain and palliative care society. One sad trend i see is that people are so enthusiatic to give me 50 or 100 rupee notes. But if i ask any of them to make a donation to the charity box they start searching for one or two rupee coins. Because of that i ask them to put my fees into the charity box. Never thought of sharing this story with anyone but a similar incident today prompted me to write this.
A girl came to my op today. In the past i had issued her fitness certificates, many times even for free as she was a student. She is from a middle class family. Today after issuing another certificate i asked her to put my fees into the charity box. She was so sceptical about donating 40 rupees to the poor that she hesitated a lot. So immediately i told her with a smiling face that there's no need to donate any money if you are doing it unwillingly. It was 3 o clock in the evening, i was sitting there with out taking my lucnh. I was not angry but disappointed. But still hopeful that there are lots of good people around.. one poor auto driver who donated 100 rupees even without asking. His wife died recently of cancer. God bless those who help others. All i feel is that money has no real power over fate. You can only own 6 feet of land in the end.

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