Thursday, September 30, 2010

Xmarks follows Vox

Today i updated my firefox and was surprised of another impending death.. Xmarks a free bookmark synchronisation service is going to stop its service to its free users.It was previously known as Foxmarks and was very useful for firefox users. I've been using it for many years now. Now they too have decided doing something for free isn't worth it. Or may be some corporate giants bought them and decided to make it a paid service. Good bye Xmarks, it was nice of you to announce this in 3 months advance (unlike vox who declared it too late). Thanks for everything.

You can switch over to Firefox Sync add-on if you were using Xmarks.

R.I.P Vox

I started blogging a few months back via my N97 Mini. The phone had an option yo upload photos online. It's through that way that i got acquainted with My previous blog was at I made a lot of posts via my phone into vox. Last month i was shocked to see their mail on September 3rd saying that they were closing down by the end of this month.

I visited TypePad but its was a paid blog. I checked their announcement in their blog. In it they were assuring everyone that the vox blogs exported into TypePad will get a free registration and my vox blog url will be redirected to the TypePad account. I exported all the stuff into TypePad as a backup but i was suspicious if they too will close the door on my face like vox.

So i decided to move to wordpress. May be the guys at vox are experiencing a financial crunch and doing this out of necessity. All the imported photos in blog posts got shrunk into a frame both in TypePad and Wordpress. But wordpress is better than vox so i am happy here. Now only few hours remain for the inevitable..

RIP Vox. You will be very much missed.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Standing up for what's right

Today i forwarded a complaint from my staff to my superiors. It was against another employee. I had a choice.. and i stood for the right one. Even if it meant facing ire from the other employee. I stood for the truth and now i have a clear conscience. Since i was young i was accused by my peers of not standing with them when they were doing something wrong. Even now i hold on to that habit.

Lets wait and see what happens..

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Digg has dugg its own grave

I've been a regular user of since 2007. Through these years digg has changed from a user oriented site to a corporate billboard. First it was the power users then came the annoying shouts now it nails its own coffin with the new version: Digg v4. The disastrous redesign was so bad that it started flooding the "Top News" section with articles from, digg's own rival.

It resulted in a user revolt. For weeks i can only see posts from users saying how they hate the new digg and they are moving to reddit. And they were right the front page was awful with stories from big websites spamming into digg front page. And now after some time results are becoming obvious. Digg's traffic is down and reddit's traffic is going up.

Here's the traffic rating of Digg and Reddit for the last 3 months. I pray the owner of Digg start seeing some sense before it's too late.

Finally! recovered from the cold

A minor cold had been bugging me since last month. I was never sick but the occasional stuffed not was a real bugger. I never took any medicines as i wanted to give my immune system some exercise. And i did recover at times only to catch another cold after drinking cold sprite while having a burger. Last week too i had a craving for junk food but survived it. The fast food resaurant was full. So i recharged pearl's phone from the nearby shop, had my hair cropped & bought an antibiotic with the same money i intended to spent on junk food. Took those tabs for last 2 days and now i'm fine.

Filed a police complaint

Last week was very 'interesting' with regards to the events that took place. A female employee at my hospital had an issue with a person claiming to be a politician. She had quite a bit of a quarrel with that guy and later submitted a complaint to me. As the head of the institution i had no option but to forward it to the police. I really don't like to file a complaint considering the fact that nothing good will turn out of it but i had no choice. It was my official duty. I wish i could write more details about this event and the associated events but i can't. I hope everything turns out fine.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Watched the Benjamin Button movie

I've always been afraid of growing old. Now that i'm approaching 30years of age (2 yrs to go) i was always concerned about getting old. But this movie provides me with a different view on life. Its scary to say young always.. i mean i find the memories of last 28 years as too much. Too much stuff to remember. Its scary to grow young as shown in the movie. I even find the idea of immortality as awfully boring. Now i don't want to stay young always, i want to grow old like everyone else & go back to god when the time comes. I no longer fear death.. Its just an extended sleep till i wake up... again. May be as a different person or an animal or be with god. Fearing death is useless. Whenever we go to sleep we don't think if we will ever wake up again. Its hope that allows us to sleep. The hope that i will wake up again tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

a haunted house..

When i was a kid there used to be an abandoned mansion which always creeped me out. It was about a quarter of a km away from my house. There were rumours that some one committed suicide in that house. Don't know if it's just a rumour or reality.
When i was a teen me and my friend had a crush on a girl. She was the most beautiful girl in our school. She was a member of the 'varma' (kshatriya) family. So her house was near that mansion (The girl later became one of the leading actress of Malayalam cinema, her name is Samyukta Varma. It's a big story will add in another post later).

We used to cycle to that place on free days. The road was calm and quiet. Best suited for kids to cycle. When we reach the house i used to frighten my friends saying that there's ghost in there. The house has a big earthen jug right at the veranda. I used to say to my friends that there was a body in that jug :)
Years passed by.. Now the property owners have sold the whole plot to the real estate dealers and flats are rising all around it. You can see it in the photo but the 'haunted' house is still standing. Don't know why they are still keeping it.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

God bless Nandakumar sir

Today i happened to pass the home of Late.Dr Nandakumar, he was my teacher. He died due to an unknown fever a few months back. He was only in his late 40s! His board is still there outside his house... like he's still there :( Its so sad to see. Why do good people die early?

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Times Now needs a spell check

This is the second time i'm seeing typos in the news :)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

A bit confused

I've been a bit sick lately. The antibiotics i took a few days back took care of any bacterial infection. Now i'm just having some cold typical of a viral flu. Since its self subsiding i got to wait for a few more days.

Today my mom told me about one incident where she heard about my professional reputation from one of my patients. She heard many good things about me and was happy to hear that. But hearing that made me a bit confused as i've become a bit mechanical since last week. I mean i don't smile that often at my patients and i try to finish my OP as early as possible. I am finally able to eat lunch in time. By doing that i have gained free time everyday but i am losing the satisfaction i got while doing my work. Last month one of my patients had complained about one of my staff saying she insulted her. The female staff was a bit rude so i think she deserved it. So there was an inquiry by the authorities and the RCH officer came on that day. She showed me the complaint, inside it there was a sentence saying "the doctor here is very good". I was.. moved by that. I mean its a complaint & even in it they tried to protect me. I hope i am worthy of the affection. I know there will be some people to criticize me but there are many others who like me. That feels great. It adds a meaning to my life. In last few years there have been instances when i thought if there was any meaning to my existence in this world. I think i finally found an answer. It fills me with hope & a belief that i tired to make a difference in this world. And then everything feels brighter or is it the sun? :) don't know but it do adds a smile to my face and adds serenity to my thoughts. It feels great.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Finally decided to take antibiotic

If you remember i had made a post two weeks back saying that i had fever. Since i've been having mild sore throat and cold. Finally bought 3 tabs of antibiotic named Azithromycin. The 3 tabs cost ~100 Rs! Its been ages since i bought medicine. Today is a holiday so resting at home. Yesterday i was a bit mechanical in the OPD i.e the number of patients was too high & i felt dizzy due to cold. I hate being mechanical while treating my patients but it does help me to finish OP early. I love the emotional bond i have with my patient but its so hard to stay so.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

On the spot of a building fire

Today i happened to stumble on a building fire on the way back home. The building was totally burnt out. I think i had been to those shops some time back. I think it was a clock shop. It was a nice small shop, sad to see it like this. It wasn't a clock store but  a footwear shop. Hope it has insurance.

Took some snaps.

Its hard to stay single

I'm 28 now and i'm single. All these years i had tried hard to stay single but now i'm reaching the deadline age ... 30! Which marks the end of my 'youth' & my entry into the middle age. Why did i stay single for so long? Because i hated responsibilities and control, till now i'm a free bird but once i get married i will have to start playing the role of the 'perfect guy' to my spouse and my in-laws.
Another reason is the cost behind the wedding. Oh yes i can ask for a fat dowry and ask them to conduct the marriage but it will damage my self-respect. To keep my self-respect intact i'll have to empty out my bank balance. Hmm... A tough choice.. Self respect or bank balance. And considering the ideology that people never value stuff done for free i really don't know if i should say no to the huge amounts i will be offered. Self respect... Its way too important for me. Another fear of mine is that if i reject the dowry offer and empty out my bank balance on my wedding, will i be able to afford my wife's shopping fantasies. She will think i'm a loser who can't afford to buy her all those expensive jewellery. I hope she won't see me as a non practical guy with only self-respect and no money.
Anyway i might get married next year or the one after that. Life's becoming way too lonely. I need a soul mate, a lap to rest my head when i feel sad, a friend who can guide me. I don't care how she looks or how she dresses. I need a friend, a partner, to spent a life time together.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Effects of the strike

Today the whole town has been shutdown in a show of strength by the unions. Thankfully they are not blocking private vehicles & no one's damaging public property. We have gone miles ahead of the usual destructive bandhs. I have to thank the Kerala political parties for that. Here people take these strikes as a public holiday :) Its actually the people fault for keeping the roads empty. Took some snaps of the empty roads and bus stand and a deserted corporation office.


Another stupid strike tomorrow

Tomorrow there's a strike planned in Kerala by the unions as a protest against the central govt. As usual people will throw stones at vehicles and hold rallies. Thankfully parties have stopped burning vehicles in these days. Does anyone care about the manual labourer who's going to be out work tomorrow? He has wages on a daily basis and if he doesn't work he will stay hungry tomorrow. As if these unions care about such people. These stupid bandhs and hartals are just a show of strength. It won't make any difference. I'm going for work tomorrow. Will take some snaps of the deserted roads.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Funny breaking news

I happened to see an inadvertently funny headlines in CNN-IBN :)