Tuesday, September 21, 2010

a haunted house..

When i was a kid there used to be an abandoned mansion which always creeped me out. It was about a quarter of a km away from my house. There were rumours that some one committed suicide in that house. Don't know if it's just a rumour or reality.
When i was a teen me and my friend had a crush on a girl. She was the most beautiful girl in our school. She was a member of the 'varma' (kshatriya) family. So her house was near that mansion (The girl later became one of the leading actress of Malayalam cinema, her name is Samyukta Varma. It's a big story will add in another post later).

We used to cycle to that place on free days. The road was calm and quiet. Best suited for kids to cycle. When we reach the house i used to frighten my friends saying that there's ghost in there. The house has a big earthen jug right at the veranda. I used to say to my friends that there was a body in that jug :)
Years passed by.. Now the property owners have sold the whole plot to the real estate dealers and flats are rising all around it. You can see it in the photo but the 'haunted' house is still standing. Don't know why they are still keeping it.

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