Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Its hard to stay single

I'm 28 now and i'm single. All these years i had tried hard to stay single but now i'm reaching the deadline age ... 30! Which marks the end of my 'youth' & my entry into the middle age. Why did i stay single for so long? Because i hated responsibilities and control, till now i'm a free bird but once i get married i will have to start playing the role of the 'perfect guy' to my spouse and my in-laws.
Another reason is the cost behind the wedding. Oh yes i can ask for a fat dowry and ask them to conduct the marriage but it will damage my self-respect. To keep my self-respect intact i'll have to empty out my bank balance. Hmm... A tough choice.. Self respect or bank balance. And considering the ideology that people never value stuff done for free i really don't know if i should say no to the huge amounts i will be offered. Self respect... Its way too important for me. Another fear of mine is that if i reject the dowry offer and empty out my bank balance on my wedding, will i be able to afford my wife's shopping fantasies. She will think i'm a loser who can't afford to buy her all those expensive jewellery. I hope she won't see me as a non practical guy with only self-respect and no money.
Anyway i might get married next year or the one after that. Life's becoming way too lonely. I need a soul mate, a lap to rest my head when i feel sad, a friend who can guide me. I don't care how she looks or how she dresses. I need a friend, a partner, to spent a life time together.

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