Thursday, September 30, 2010

R.I.P Vox

I started blogging a few months back via my N97 Mini. The phone had an option yo upload photos online. It's through that way that i got acquainted with My previous blog was at I made a lot of posts via my phone into vox. Last month i was shocked to see their mail on September 3rd saying that they were closing down by the end of this month.

I visited TypePad but its was a paid blog. I checked their announcement in their blog. In it they were assuring everyone that the vox blogs exported into TypePad will get a free registration and my vox blog url will be redirected to the TypePad account. I exported all the stuff into TypePad as a backup but i was suspicious if they too will close the door on my face like vox.

So i decided to move to wordpress. May be the guys at vox are experiencing a financial crunch and doing this out of necessity. All the imported photos in blog posts got shrunk into a frame both in TypePad and Wordpress. But wordpress is better than vox so i am happy here. Now only few hours remain for the inevitable..

RIP Vox. You will be very much missed.

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