Thursday, September 23, 2010

Watched the Benjamin Button movie

I've always been afraid of growing old. Now that i'm approaching 30years of age (2 yrs to go) i was always concerned about getting old. But this movie provides me with a different view on life. Its scary to say young always.. i mean i find the memories of last 28 years as too much. Too much stuff to remember. Its scary to grow young as shown in the movie. I even find the idea of immortality as awfully boring. Now i don't want to stay young always, i want to grow old like everyone else & go back to god when the time comes. I no longer fear death.. Its just an extended sleep till i wake up... again. May be as a different person or an animal or be with god. Fearing death is useless. Whenever we go to sleep we don't think if we will ever wake up again. Its hope that allows us to sleep. The hope that i will wake up again tomorrow.

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