Friday, October 29, 2010

Life goes on..

I just typed how i feel now and deleted it. I'm too sceptical to share my personal feelings in internet. Feeling which im not proud of. Repressed ones.. No, it's not about sex :) or any similar religiously forbidden stuff. I have a habit of repressing any thought which induce anxiety. I postpone the thought to my work hours. These thoughts include thoughts about my future and official problems. Wish i could write more.. But anyone in net can read all these stuff by just googling my name. It's a tactic employed by recruiting agencies, so i better not leave any negative stuff about me here. Or may be i should go anonymous under some nick name.. Hmm.. Sounds like a good idea.. Will think about that. Good night.. The power just went off and its raining hard outside. It's a common tactic of the guys from electricity board to switch off the power if there's lightning.
There's a good news , one of my good friends have become a father. It's a boy :) God bless him. Will go and see the baby tomorrow. Need to buy some gift.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Elections are on the way..

Tomorrow is election day. Feeling a bit sick as i'm having some cold. May be it was yesterdays rain-soaked bike ride which got me the cold. Normally i'm pretty immune to cold climate and cold but don't know why i got sick. May be it's because i had to remove my helmet in rain to attend a call. Normally this cold moves on into fever and subsides in a couple of days. I hate it when i get sick with viral flu. It comes only in a couple or so but i hate it. It's a bit less comparing to the number of fever cases which comes to the OP. The fan in my room stopped working 2 days back, may be the stagnant air in the room and the cold climate contributed to it. Anyway i'll be fine in a couple of days.
Got to vote tomorrow. This is the only time we will be to see the arrogant politicians humble themselves and smile at every stranger. Most of them are arrogant except for a select few like the councillor at my workplace, he's locally known as 'chachettan'. A great guy.. I should have voted for him if he stood for election at my place. Sadly the guys here are.. Lets wait and see how they are.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Applied for department test

Today was a cool day. It was raining all along so OP patients were less. Went to colorhouse studio after Op to take some prints of manikkuttan's 7th birthday party and to take a passport size photo. The studio was in all sort of problems when i got there with thier electricity out and computers shutdown. The girl at the reception told me they'll take the photo but they're not sure when they can give the prints. They told me to come after 1 hour. So i had a burger then went to town to the SBI ATM. One of the machines there was having a complaint and was not dispensing cash. The other machine was occupied by slowpokes who used to poke at the touch screen like a cat pawing at an insect :) . I stood there for an eternity and i was next person at the machines & the lady in front of me was wasting time in drawing money. She was almost over when two officers from the bank came and asked me to stand out for 10 minutes as they were fixing the other ATM machine. I forgot to take the helmet which i had kept inside ATM. So i had no choice but to wait. Thankfully they opened the ATM in 5 minutes and i drew money quick.

I went back to the studio only to find out that the prints were not ready and their printing machine was broken. I didn't hide my irritation about my time being wasted but wasn't rude at the girl in the counter. She too wasn't that pleasant but i guess it was noon and may be she didn't have her lunch. The lady at the main counter said the same stuff that they can't give the prints now, but she said it with a smile and was pleasant. So i was nice to her. I think i have an inflated ego :)

Came back home had a nap, went back to the studio now and got the prints. Applied for the department test now. Got to remit the chalan at the treasury now. Gotta log off, bye.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Standing at crossroads

Now i have a choice.. Continue the downhill path i've been heading since last few years or Change my destiny by becoming ambitious once again. Since last few years i had lost my ambition as i failed to give a meaning to my life. I lived like a lazy bachelor with no specific time table but now i think its time to get back my time table. Time to get fit once again and its time to gather back all i've lost in last few years. Its comeback time..

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Pranchiyettan & the saint

Watched this movie today. It was raining and i stood in the queue with may rain coat and cap on. It was an odd day to rain so many people in the queue didn't bring umbrella. They all stood soaking wet in the rain. I don't know how do they plan to sit in the AC theatre in those wet clothes. People were pretty determined to see this movie.
About the movie, it was a light hearted movie supposed to be happening in the place where i work and live! The names such as karyattukara is said many times in the movie and its the place where my hospital is! Mammooty does quite a good job by really transforming into the character. Saint Francis has a good role in the movie and have a sense of aura around him like Baapu in Lage Raho. The songs are heartwarming.. Watch this one..

Its a 'different' movie, so unlike the usual masala movies. Its definitely worth a watch. Now i understand why people want to see this movie so much.

Monday, October 18, 2010

A bit disillusioned

I've been missing from my online diary for more than a week by now.. Why? Because i feel i am writing crap. I don't have the talent to write a great blog and i know that. I just wanted this to be an online diary but i feel its foolish to store my secrets online as anyone can access it. So i am left with non intimate details which i share here and i am not satisfied with it.

Okay let me write some personal details.. i feel horrible. Life has gone so dull. The only time i feel happy is when i am talking to my patients. That too is now gone as i have to rush through the OP to finish it before lunch, so that all the staff can have lunch in time. The only joy i had was the smiles i used to get from the OPD and now its all mechanical. I am not a humanitarian as i write, i am a lazy guy who hesitates before giving money to the poor. I would rather use it on a fancy gadget or a burger instead of giving it to the poor. I am mean.. but i do like sharing happiness to people when i am in the OPD.

I went to the church last week hoping to find some inspiration. When i went there i felt good at first, its been a long time since i've been there. But i didn't feel happy, i was chanting the prayer like a robot, i didn't pray. Church was good but not as life changing as i expected it to be. The only place i feel happy and praying is when i work in the OPD.

Life sucks.. sorry to use the bad language but life really sucks. I hate to write this in internet net, there's a chance that in future some one will use this against me but i can't resist. Let them do whatever they want, i don't care. I will keep writing my crap, may be some day i will read this and laugh at myself, some day when i am feeling great. Bye.


Saturday, October 9, 2010

God has a sense of humour

I was taking breakfast today morning, when the door bell rang. Mom went to see who's out there. She came back saying "its the party workers, even the mayor is there!". The mayor was a candidate from our own ward. She was visiting every house as a part of the election campaigning. She was waiting there outside for me and my parents! I smiled to myself... :) why? I'll explain..

Since last year i'm working as the head of the institution of a PHC which came under Thrissur corporation. The Mayor was the president of our hospital management committee. It was my duty to organise the commitee meeting. I sent a letter to her requesting her presence. But she replied that she was busy and didn't have time for the meeting. I myself went to the corporation office so that i can convince her to come to the meeting. I went 5 times and was unable to meet her each time. She was always busy in her official duties. I was never able to meet her. She is a good person, may be she was busy i guess. Finally i decided not to go to corporation office.

Now she is waiting outiside my house to see me! God do have a sense of humour. Nothing is static in this world. Everything can change in a moment.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Elsamma enna aankutty

I'm waiting inside a theatre right now. Going to watch this movie. My bike broke down on my way back home. Gave it to a garage and since i'll get it only by evening i went to a movie. The hall is some what empty, Not surprising as Rajnikanth starrer 'Endhiran' is in nearby theatre. I prefer movies like this instead of mindless action films. I write on my blog when i feel alone and i need to talk to someone. Felt lonely now so writing this... the movie is about to start, will write more after the movie.

06.49PM Home

Back home after the movie. Got my bike from the garage.

The movie was good but its a pity that very few people were there at the theatre. The movie had tough competition from many other movies - Shikar (Mohanlal), Pranchiyettan(Mammooty), Endhiran(Rajnikanth). All these movies have super stars in them and i heard many of them were good too.

This movie had great songs, great camera work and good acting. The plot is about a young girl who takes responsibility of her family after her fathers untimely death. The new actress Ann Augustine has performed well and even Kunjacko Boban acting looks nice! May be its the magic of the director Lal Jose. The movie gives you a refreshing feeling with the beautiful landscapes in the background. It proves that we don't need to go to Switzerland to shoot a good scenery. All of them were shot in and around Kerala. The songs are great, they are sweet and refreshing. The movie is not as good as other Lal Jose movies like Arabikkatha but a good one.
Here's a song from the movie

Sunday, October 3, 2010

I wonder..


I wonder if my life would have been different if i had made different choices in the past. If i.. ..can't write now.. awfully sleepy..

The Next Day 01.06 AM

Still confused regarding what to write. I hate Mondays that's one point i can make with 100% certainty.  Saw common wealth games opening ceremony, was kind of  good but Rahman's song was lousy. It was an okay song but no where near Jai Ho or Waka Waka.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Learned a lesson in life

I joined government service 1 1/2 years back as the head of an institution. I was always polite and friendly even to the everyone. But it resulted in a situation when everyone started considering me as a colleague and not the head of the institution. Most of the staff treated me with love and respect except for a few who started misusing it. Finally i decided to become a stern individual and now things are going smooth. Learnt a big lesson in life. One needs to assert one's authority if he is occupying a position of power, otherwise things won't get done.