Saturday, October 23, 2010

Applied for department test

Today was a cool day. It was raining all along so OP patients were less. Went to colorhouse studio after Op to take some prints of manikkuttan's 7th birthday party and to take a passport size photo. The studio was in all sort of problems when i got there with thier electricity out and computers shutdown. The girl at the reception told me they'll take the photo but they're not sure when they can give the prints. They told me to come after 1 hour. So i had a burger then went to town to the SBI ATM. One of the machines there was having a complaint and was not dispensing cash. The other machine was occupied by slowpokes who used to poke at the touch screen like a cat pawing at an insect :) . I stood there for an eternity and i was next person at the machines & the lady in front of me was wasting time in drawing money. She was almost over when two officers from the bank came and asked me to stand out for 10 minutes as they were fixing the other ATM machine. I forgot to take the helmet which i had kept inside ATM. So i had no choice but to wait. Thankfully they opened the ATM in 5 minutes and i drew money quick.

I went back to the studio only to find out that the prints were not ready and their printing machine was broken. I didn't hide my irritation about my time being wasted but wasn't rude at the girl in the counter. She too wasn't that pleasant but i guess it was noon and may be she didn't have her lunch. The lady at the main counter said the same stuff that they can't give the prints now, but she said it with a smile and was pleasant. So i was nice to her. I think i have an inflated ego :)

Came back home had a nap, went back to the studio now and got the prints. Applied for the department test now. Got to remit the chalan at the treasury now. Gotta log off, bye.

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