Monday, October 25, 2010

Elections are on the way..

Tomorrow is election day. Feeling a bit sick as i'm having some cold. May be it was yesterdays rain-soaked bike ride which got me the cold. Normally i'm pretty immune to cold climate and cold but don't know why i got sick. May be it's because i had to remove my helmet in rain to attend a call. Normally this cold moves on into fever and subsides in a couple of days. I hate it when i get sick with viral flu. It comes only in a couple or so but i hate it. It's a bit less comparing to the number of fever cases which comes to the OP. The fan in my room stopped working 2 days back, may be the stagnant air in the room and the cold climate contributed to it. Anyway i'll be fine in a couple of days.
Got to vote tomorrow. This is the only time we will be to see the arrogant politicians humble themselves and smile at every stranger. Most of them are arrogant except for a select few like the councillor at my workplace, he's locally known as 'chachettan'. A great guy.. I should have voted for him if he stood for election at my place. Sadly the guys here are.. Lets wait and see how they are.

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