Friday, October 8, 2010

Elsamma enna aankutty

I'm waiting inside a theatre right now. Going to watch this movie. My bike broke down on my way back home. Gave it to a garage and since i'll get it only by evening i went to a movie. The hall is some what empty, Not surprising as Rajnikanth starrer 'Endhiran' is in nearby theatre. I prefer movies like this instead of mindless action films. I write on my blog when i feel alone and i need to talk to someone. Felt lonely now so writing this... the movie is about to start, will write more after the movie.

06.49PM Home

Back home after the movie. Got my bike from the garage.

The movie was good but its a pity that very few people were there at the theatre. The movie had tough competition from many other movies - Shikar (Mohanlal), Pranchiyettan(Mammooty), Endhiran(Rajnikanth). All these movies have super stars in them and i heard many of them were good too.

This movie had great songs, great camera work and good acting. The plot is about a young girl who takes responsibility of her family after her fathers untimely death. The new actress Ann Augustine has performed well and even Kunjacko Boban acting looks nice! May be its the magic of the director Lal Jose. The movie gives you a refreshing feeling with the beautiful landscapes in the background. It proves that we don't need to go to Switzerland to shoot a good scenery. All of them were shot in and around Kerala. The songs are great, they are sweet and refreshing. The movie is not as good as other Lal Jose movies like Arabikkatha but a good one.
Here's a song from the movie

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