Saturday, October 9, 2010

God has a sense of humour

I was taking breakfast today morning, when the door bell rang. Mom went to see who's out there. She came back saying "its the party workers, even the mayor is there!". The mayor was a candidate from our own ward. She was visiting every house as a part of the election campaigning. She was waiting there outside for me and my parents! I smiled to myself... :) why? I'll explain..

Since last year i'm working as the head of the institution of a PHC which came under Thrissur corporation. The Mayor was the president of our hospital management committee. It was my duty to organise the commitee meeting. I sent a letter to her requesting her presence. But she replied that she was busy and didn't have time for the meeting. I myself went to the corporation office so that i can convince her to come to the meeting. I went 5 times and was unable to meet her each time. She was always busy in her official duties. I was never able to meet her. She is a good person, may be she was busy i guess. Finally i decided not to go to corporation office.

Now she is waiting outiside my house to see me! God do have a sense of humour. Nothing is static in this world. Everything can change in a moment.

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