Monday, November 1, 2010

'Shikkar' has an un-necessary first half

Shikkar would have been a good thriller IF.. the plot was not stretched to accommodate un necessary songs, family drama and comical acts. The songs are boring, the comical acts by suraj & jagathi are not funny and they are presented as a filler between the serious scenes of the real plot. So they appear awkward instead of being funny. There are even some local villains stuffed in the first half to accommodate a typical lalettan fight scene. The fight scenes look weak with usual superhero stunts. The small romantic angle between mohanlal and a young actress looks awkward as she looks as young as his daughter in the movie.

The good part about the film is the second half with the original plot. The movie would have fared better if it had skipped its entire first half. It would have been a big hit if it was made like Bhramaram or BigB i.e by giving importance to the original plot. The naxalite angle adds life to the movie after the first half. It picks up pace and keeps audience glued to their seat till the end. I think the original plot of the movie was stretched to add all the masala elements which ruined it. An average movie, watch it if you are a Mohanlal fan.

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