Friday, October 29, 2010

Life goes on..

I just typed how i feel now and deleted it. I'm too sceptical to share my personal feelings in internet. Feeling which im not proud of. Repressed ones.. No, it's not about sex :) or any similar religiously forbidden stuff. I have a habit of repressing any thought which induce anxiety. I postpone the thought to my work hours. These thoughts include thoughts about my future and official problems. Wish i could write more.. But anyone in net can read all these stuff by just googling my name. It's a tactic employed by recruiting agencies, so i better not leave any negative stuff about me here. Or may be i should go anonymous under some nick name.. Hmm.. Sounds like a good idea.. Will think about that. Good night.. The power just went off and its raining hard outside. It's a common tactic of the guys from electricity board to switch off the power if there's lightning.
There's a good news , one of my good friends have become a father. It's a boy :) God bless him. Will go and see the baby tomorrow. Need to buy some gift.

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