Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Pranchiyettan & the saint

Watched this movie today. It was raining and i stood in the queue with may rain coat and cap on. It was an odd day to rain so many people in the queue didn't bring umbrella. They all stood soaking wet in the rain. I don't know how do they plan to sit in the AC theatre in those wet clothes. People were pretty determined to see this movie.
About the movie, it was a light hearted movie supposed to be happening in the place where i work and live! The names such as karyattukara is said many times in the movie and its the place where my hospital is! Mammooty does quite a good job by really transforming into the character. Saint Francis has a good role in the movie and have a sense of aura around him like Baapu in Lage Raho. The songs are heartwarming.. Watch this one..

Its a 'different' movie, so unlike the usual masala movies. Its definitely worth a watch. Now i understand why people want to see this movie so much.

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