Saturday, November 20, 2010

Back home after a long walk

Walked 9 1/2 kms today. Wasn't that hard considering the fact that its just walking. My average speed around 5km which is a comfortable pace, even fit to walk for 20km at a stretch. In the past i was a couch potato who spent his time mostly on video games. Now games are off my schedule. Life seems more alive now a days. And i am starting to feel young again. In the past i used to feel like a middle aged guy with a family. My body aches a bit now a days but its not tiresome. I feel fresh every morning. Met a couple of people on the way. One was my sis in laws relative & the second one was one of my old class mates. Its surprising to know that very few people go for evening walk at my place or i may be going through a less used route or No one's nuts like me to walk 10km a day :)

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