Saturday, November 27, 2010

Feeling great!

Today i started myself on a fat-free, sugar-free, vegetable based diet. Walked 1 and a half hours i.e from home to class and back. Walked 7kms in total. Yesterday my blood glucose levels bordered on diabetes and today my random blood sugar is 86!! i.e. Well with in the accepted range (70-120)

I'm gonna stick to my new healthy diet. I'm gonna totally stop sweet & fatty foods for the rest of my life. Going to walk in the morning too from tomorrow with my senior colleague.

I will become perfectly fit in a year and will reduce my weight from 86 to 70kg. As i'm 6 feet tall i'll look a bit lean with that weight but its okay. It's a promise which i will never fail. Mark my words. 1 year from now i'll read this blog with a perfectly fit body. This is my promise.

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