Saturday, November 6, 2010

Midnight.. Its raining

I'm lying in my bed typing this and i could hear the rain pouring down outside. I could hear the sound of the fan turning at a slow speed.. Rrheang rrheang rrheang... It's the sound :) repeating it over and to the point that i don't hear it any more. Right now the rain picked up pace a little. Sounds of water pouring down from roof, water falling on leaves.. No other sound. Even the neighbours dogs are silent. The silence of the night is quite nice here. The main road is a bit far so no more vehicle sounds. I wonder how many people are walking on the streets right now? No one i think. Its 1.30am. Everyone should be hard asleep and its raining, so even the watchman might be asleep. My eyes are drooping.. Its sad i have only my pillow to hug in this cold night :) One of the side effects of being single at 28. Wife, family, kids, responsibilities, running after money, sleepless night taking care of the baby, dropping family to school, work.. Phew! Lets stay single for another year. Hello Mr Pillow.. :) shall we?
Good night folks.

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