Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My experience with 'ghosts' :)

During my college days we used to have drinks at midnight in the college campus. It was sort of get together between guys. The campus was a mini-jungle with lots of trees and amidst them are scattered buildings: canteen, hostels, departments, lecture halls, mortuary, office.. All in around a two km radius. The lecture halls are situated near the mortuary. The street lights were there only in front of important buildings. So the whole campus in engulfed in darkness when the sun sets. With only moon light to guide some one who stumbled there at night. There's no bus after 7pm and the autos are available only outside the campus. So of you are stuck in the campus at night, you will have walk around 1 to 2 km in darkness in the middle of a lonely road and lots of trees.
We used to have drinks near the lecture halls. The mortuary was near by. And ladies hostel too was nearby :) So under the influence of the drinks i decided to have a look at the ladies hostel (from the outside of course, its like a fort). Naturally i just watched the fort like structure and its huge gate for a while and started walking back to the lecture halls. I was all alone, it was midnight. In a distance i could see the lonely street light in front of the mortuary. The place is supposed to have lots of souls around as all the un-natural deaths at my place come here for autopsy. So there i was alone in the middle of no where, surrounded by darkness...

To be continued...

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