Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Saying no to 'easy money'

How hard is it ti say to say no to money when it's offered to you. Money which you don't deserve. Today was a relatively free day in the OP like all Tuesdays. By around 11.30 two well dressed gentlemen rushed into the OP asking me if could come to their home. They told that their father was critical and they've brought an auto for me. I told them i can't go to people houses and treat them as it was my working hour and people were waiting for me in the OP. They were quite adamant and showed me that only three people were there waiting and they too were willing for me & they will drop me back in 10 minutes. I again tried to make them understand that i won't be able to properly treat the patient by going to their home. That it would be a lot better if they brought the patient to the hospital. Then they tried to say things like they had relatives at very high places and they were influential people. So i ran out of excuses and had to see the father of these 'influential' people. Ethically it would be very hard for me if some thing happened to their father while i kept arguing with them. So i told the sister to keep patients waiting for 10 minutes. Went with them crammed in an auto to a nearby house. On the way it turned out they were not that 'influential' as they claimed. When i reached the house i found a 70-year-old man with stroke who was bedridden since 2 weeks. He had a weak pulse and was a bit disoriented due to hyponatraemia(lack of salt in food). I told them to give him rice water with a little salt and he needed lab testing (for hyponatraemia) and an IV drip from the nearby hospital if possible. Since my hospital has OP facilities only i recommended the small private hospital near their home.

On my way back the old mans son offered me two hundred rupee notes. He just pushed it into my hand despite my protests. I gave it back to him and told him he could put it in the pain & palliative donation box at my hospital. It was wrong for me to accept money for treating a patient during my working hours. I never felt any attraction towards money since years. All i earn every month goes into by bank account and by now it should contain an amount that will be enough to conduct my wedding :) (without taking dowry)
Accepting easy money or any money from people makes me debted to them ethically. And i hate liabilities. Now they all are debted to me. I prefer that liability from their side for the help i rendered free of charge. Such relations have always helped me during tough times.

I don't know if its useless to be idealistic in this money crazy world. I am not a great idealist, just some one trying to make a difference by doing my bit. This is my prayer to you god. I don't have any fancy words or songs for you. I don't come to church, but every time i try to make a difference is actually a prayer for you. I don't want anything from your side. Just remembering you that's all.

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