Saturday, November 20, 2010

Waiting to see the new Harry Potter movie

God! It's like a school here. With kids and college students all around. Too damn noisy kids.

Update: So i finally saw the movie. How was it? Well, its like watching highlights of a match. There are some inaccuracies in the plot as the movie shows Harry attending Bill & Fleur's wedding in his original self, while in the book he takes the shape of Ron's cousin "Bernie". The initial fight while transporting multiple harry's is awfully cut short. The part where Voldemort's and Harry's wand's respond to each other (pun not intended :) ) by producing golden flames is not given enough importance in the movie. Even the Twin's "Saint like - Holey" joke looks less stressed in the movie. In the movie a sort of chemistry is shown between Harry & Hermione in the dance scene which is awkward, as the book says they treated each others as brother & sister. The Death eaters attack at Luna Lovegood's house looks like death eaters blasting into the house like missiles many times :) wrecking the house in the process.

Since we cannot add all of the book onto a movie i think we can forgive all these shortcomings. The movie is worth watching. The incorporated scenes do provide justice to the book with the limited time frame. But do keep in mind that the movie will be all confusing for those who haven't read the book. It moves very fast.

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