Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Conducted a fever detection camp in Laloor

12.50 AM

I'm back to using English. why? Because it takes ages to type in Malayalam and i don't have that patience :)

Since its Monsoon season in Kerala, fevers are on the rise and the rush in the OPD is increasing. Had around 70 patients in the opd in the morning which is quite moderate when compared to the real rush days. Even if there's a rush in the OPD i do make sure to spend adequate time with every patients so that they are satisfied when they go out of the OP, i try my level best to smile even if the rush is dizzying. Nothing feels better than the genuine smile on their faces. Feels like my life has some sort of a significance in this vast world.

Conducted a fever detection camp in Laloor. The place near the corporation waste dumping ground. This is the third camp i've been conducting there since last 2 months, i.e since the monsoon set in. One camp was a big one, organized by myself and my great support staff with no support or funds from the higher health department. Thanks to Thrissur corporation, Ahalya eye foundation and the ward counsellor we were able to arrange free cataract surgery to 8 poor patients. The other 2 camps including today's were smaller one with a single doc i.e me. One was conducted in an Anganwady very close to the trenching ground and the second one in the Laloor community hall. There was a good attendance in the camp with 75 patients this evening. Was a bit tired towards the end of the day though. Everyone there is looking at me like i'm some kind of great doc or something when what i do is what every other doc do! I've been working like this even during my house surgeoncy but no one really cared or appreciated it. Now it feels good to be some one who's loved by everyone. Adds a meaning and purpose to my life.

My head's spinning a bit, don't know why. Need to sleep.

Good night.

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