Saturday, July 30, 2011

Half Marathon 11

Half Marathon 11
Route: Westfort - Puthur - Peechi

Distance: 21.73 km
, Time: 02:31, 06:57 pace

Ran in the rain in an unexplored route to Peechi reservoir. Completed my 11th HM+ run since i started running 5 1/2 months back i.e in Feb.

Stats in 2011: 2278kms i.e 1544km running, 456km cycling, 278km walking including 1FM, 11 HM+ runs, one century ride (130km) in cycle.

Began the run in heavy rain. Decided to go through an unexplored route (puthur) to Peechi Dam. Half of the run was through small beautiful villages in hilly terrain. Used the gps in the phone to find the way. A group of 4 small kids who were going home from church raced me for some time :) I slowed down as they were running carelessly on busy roads. Went back to the usual pace after they reached their home. Many kids were curiously throwing questions at me on the way. Not only kids, even the guy who was sitting next to me in the bus during the return trip and the auto driver who drove me back home from the bus stop. Bought 3 chicken biriyani's for me, dad & mom after getting off from the bus and caught an auto to home as i needed to deliver the parcel while its hot. I guess i earned the heavy meal :)


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