Sunday, September 4, 2011

Hyderabad Half Marathon Certificate

Hyderabad Half Marathon CertificateThe 2nd race of my life! :) Always been afraid of sports, until now.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hyderabad Half Marathon : My first race

The Decision
The decision to register for a Half Marathon was a huge one for me. Why? because i haven't ever ran or participated in an event of this magnitude so far away from my home. Hyderabad.. it's 1600kms away from Thrissur and i haven't been there before. I decided to message Bharath, a good friend of mine from dailymile, to ask about the hotels there. He replied inviting me to stay at his house! It was so nice of him.

The Trip
I began my trip via train at noon from Thrissur. It was a 24hr journey and got through it nicely. Bharath called me once i reached the Secunderabad station and told me to come to the Bib distribution venue. Got a bus from there to St Mary's College, Yusufguda. K.P Suresh sir called me while i was one the bus, he had been waiting for me there since last 1 hour! I met him there, he was a very nice person and introduced me to a couple of veteran runners. It was a very good experience meeting them. He helped with the registration as i had no clue regarding it :) It was my first race. He introduced me to Bharath. He gave me the keys to his house, i went there and it was a very clean house. I was really touched by the hospitality and comfort i found there. I had my dinner from a nearby vegetarian hotel and went to sleep early. Bharath was having trouble sleeping early at 9pm and he was a bit tensed about the race. I was tired from the journey so fell asleep fast.

The Race Day
I woke up at around 3am. I was clueless regarding how to tie the timing chip to my shoes and didn't knew i needed to pin the bib to my tshirt. I ended up making Bharath a little late, sorry! But i guess it didn't matter much as we reached there atleast an hour before the race. Met many dailymilers there. Met Nikhil, i didn't recognize him though. Was great to meetup. Met Ram sir, KP Suresh sir, Sunil Venkitesh and many other friendly faces. Saw Ridhima standing near the starting point but i wasn't sure it was her. Saw Umesh sir but he was pretty far from me.

The run started at 6am. It was great to run along so many people. I made a newbie mistake and ran a bit fast in the initial stages. As a result started losing stamina once the climbs started at around 5kms. It was a steady climb with most of the run over flyovers. The running area had been nicely cordoned off and i had a whole lane to run! Hats off to the organisers and the Hyderabad Police. Ran along with Sunil for a while and later paced up. What i didn't expect was the continuous climb which was awaiting me after 5kms.. :) It was tough to run uphill for 16kms. But some how i made it. And felt good.

This was the 2nd race of my life! Always been the shy guy who's scared of sports. Finished the race (21kms) in a time of 2 hour 40 minutes. The route was incredibly steep with lots of fly overs. Some how made it to the finish in an okay time.

Everyone who finishes gets a medal. So i got one too! The first sports related medal of my life :)


Sunday, August 14, 2011

Chimmini Reservoir

Found myself a new route right through the base of a forest range.
The air there felt so fresh that i felt it could cure any illness in an instant! :) It's a shame that i've never been there after living close to it for 22 years! Will run there soon.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Vilangan Hill Half Marathon

Vilangan Hill Half Marathon / HM 12
Distance: 21.15 km, Time: 02:31, 07:07 pace

Ran half of the HM at Vilangan hill (Elevation Gain: 211m). 4.5km of the run was uphill. Ran the small hill twice. Happy with the run, fitness levels have improved. 12th HM since i started 6 months back. Rain was there for the first half of the run so didn't take any water during the run.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Report card

As July comes to an end it's time for some self assessment. I started running on Feb 8th, a day after my birthday. Hence i'm close to completing 6 months of running. I was in a pretty bad phase of life till i took up running. Now everything has changed! :) About running, my pace has definitely gone better.