Friday, December 10, 2010

BGM 2.0

It's been a while since i've updated my blog and there's a reason.. I've changed.. a lot. I have gone thinner, trendier & more young. I'm becoming a sucker for brands with a whole new range of branded stuff from top to bottom. I wake up before sunrise every day, jog in the stadium, eat healthy and sleep in time. I've been in this life style for over 2 weeks and i'm feeling great. I stopped playing video games entirely. Life's a lot better now. I am developing a new friendship circle which is so unlike the old me. This time its real life friends and not virtual. I'm off the digital life and living in the real world.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Bought a lot of new stuff

Life's been heading in a brand new direction since last 3 weeks. I started walking 2 weeks back. I joined the evening class for department test. Started jogging in the morning with my senior colleague. Since then my life is headed in a whole new direction!

I stopped wasting time in front of computers. I sleep as early as 11.30 every night, i wake up at 6 in the morning and go for jogging in the town stadium. Lots of fitness and sports enthusiasts come there so quite an interesting place to be. I bought a new bike, sold my old fiero and bought Avenger 220. I bought 3 reebok T Shirts, 1 Nike T shirt, 2 reebok track pants, 1 Adidas sports shoes & a Fast track watch. Its been a wild shopping spree :) Time to get some attention from the chicks :)

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Diet, Exercise & Blood sugar levels

I've been eating grass (figuratively) for a week  :)
And i can already feel the change. A couple of weeks back my blood glucose levels (after eating lots of sweet stuff) showed impaired glucose tolerance. I panicked and started a healthy diet (sugar & fat-free diet). Tonight after an hour of having a plate of noodles and a big bland vegetable snack my PPBS is 76mg/dl. It was 86 yesterday. The lowering of blood sugar levels were dramatic after diet control or exercise, each of them effectively reducing the blood sugar levels individually. As i doctor i never thought diet & exercise can manage blood sugar levels so effectively!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Feeling great!

Today i started myself on a fat-free, sugar-free, vegetable based diet. Walked 1 and a half hours i.e from home to class and back. Walked 7kms in total. Yesterday my blood glucose levels bordered on diabetes and today my random blood sugar is 86!! i.e. Well with in the accepted range (70-120)

I'm gonna stick to my new healthy diet. I'm gonna totally stop sweet & fatty foods for the rest of my life. Going to walk in the morning too from tomorrow with my senior colleague.

I will become perfectly fit in a year and will reduce my weight from 86 to 70kg. As i'm 6 feet tall i'll look a bit lean with that weight but its okay. It's a promise which i will never fail. Mark my words. 1 year from now i'll read this blog with a perfectly fit body. This is my promise.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Time to fire up my fitness regime

Decided to go on a diet from today. My weight ..had gone up to 92 last year and now i have reduced it to 86kg. It's still not enough as my BMI is at 27 which makes me overweight. Got to lose 16 kgs in a year and reach a BMI of 22. My weight gain is impairing my blood glucose & cholesterol level. I need to fire up and stay fit before any of those bastards get me. I'm going change my walking routine into a jogging/power walk schedule and i'm gonna do it at 6.30 every morning. I'm going to go into a non sugar & fat diet. Its time to get fit.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Waiting to see the new Harry Potter movie

God! It's like a school here. With kids and college students all around. Too damn noisy kids.

Update: So i finally saw the movie. How was it? Well, its like watching highlights of a match. There are some inaccuracies in the plot as the movie shows Harry attending Bill & Fleur's wedding in his original self, while in the book he takes the shape of Ron's cousin "Bernie". The initial fight while transporting multiple harry's is awfully cut short. The part where Voldemort's and Harry's wand's respond to each other (pun not intended :) ) by producing golden flames is not given enough importance in the movie. Even the Twin's "Saint like - Holey" joke looks less stressed in the movie. In the movie a sort of chemistry is shown between Harry & Hermione in the dance scene which is awkward, as the book says they treated each others as brother & sister. The Death eaters attack at Luna Lovegood's house looks like death eaters blasting into the house like missiles many times :) wrecking the house in the process.

Since we cannot add all of the book onto a movie i think we can forgive all these shortcomings. The movie is worth watching. The incorporated scenes do provide justice to the book with the limited time frame. But do keep in mind that the movie will be all confusing for those who haven't read the book. It moves very fast.

Back home after a long walk

Walked 9 1/2 kms today. Wasn't that hard considering the fact that its just walking. My average speed around 5km which is a comfortable pace, even fit to walk for 20km at a stretch. In the past i was a couch potato who spent his time mostly on video games. Now games are off my schedule. Life seems more alive now a days. And i am starting to feel young again. In the past i used to feel like a middle aged guy with a family. My body aches a bit now a days but its not tiresome. I feel fresh every morning. Met a couple of people on the way. One was my sis in laws relative & the second one was one of my old class mates. Its surprising to know that very few people go for evening walk at my place or i may be going through a less used route or No one's nuts like me to walk 10km a day :)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

A 'different' day

Today i decided to buy proper accessories for the evening walk. Bought an adidas shoe and two T-shirts. It was a a bit raining in the evening so started walking along with the umbrella. I had planned to take a long scenic route today, so walked for 8kms. It wasn't that hard as expected. Went to pearls house after that. Will stick that route everyday.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Started a fitness routine

I've been lazy since last 3 months.. gained 3kg since. Now at 87kg

So restarted walking outdoors. I have a treadmill at home but it feels awful to workout alone in a secluded place. Since very few people jog in the evening at my place i chose to walk. Being slightly tech oriented i keep my phone with me during the workout. It has a great GPS based free software called sports tracker. Here's how it works..

Screenshot of today's workout from the phone

Screenshot from the online account of sports tracker

I'm planning to continue with the same schedule from now on.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Enthu manoharamaya nadakkatha swapnam..

Its a movie phrase meaning, sometimes dreams won't come true, particularly in matters of the heart. Had a dream which featured the people whom i had a crush on..

Monday, November 15, 2010

Had an awfully costly get together today

My friend's here, after a long time. We went to our usual 'expensive place' and had a good time. Came back home, watched the expendables, now awfully sleeepy..

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My experience with 'ghosts' :)

During my college days we used to have drinks at midnight in the college campus. It was sort of get together between guys. The campus was a mini-jungle with lots of trees and amidst them are scattered buildings: canteen, hostels, departments, lecture halls, mortuary, office.. All in around a two km radius. The lecture halls are situated near the mortuary. The street lights were there only in front of important buildings. So the whole campus in engulfed in darkness when the sun sets. With only moon light to guide some one who stumbled there at night. There's no bus after 7pm and the autos are available only outside the campus. So of you are stuck in the campus at night, you will have walk around 1 to 2 km in darkness in the middle of a lonely road and lots of trees.
We used to have drinks near the lecture halls. The mortuary was near by. And ladies hostel too was nearby :) So under the influence of the drinks i decided to have a look at the ladies hostel (from the outside of course, its like a fort). Naturally i just watched the fort like structure and its huge gate for a while and started walking back to the lecture halls. I was all alone, it was midnight. In a distance i could see the lonely street light in front of the mortuary. The place is supposed to have lots of souls around as all the un-natural deaths at my place come here for autopsy. So there i was alone in the middle of no where, surrounded by darkness...

To be continued...

Saying no to 'easy money'

How hard is it ti say to say no to money when it's offered to you. Money which you don't deserve. Today was a relatively free day in the OP like all Tuesdays. By around 11.30 two well dressed gentlemen rushed into the OP asking me if could come to their home. They told that their father was critical and they've brought an auto for me. I told them i can't go to people houses and treat them as it was my working hour and people were waiting for me in the OP. They were quite adamant and showed me that only three people were there waiting and they too were willing for me & they will drop me back in 10 minutes. I again tried to make them understand that i won't be able to properly treat the patient by going to their home. That it would be a lot better if they brought the patient to the hospital. Then they tried to say things like they had relatives at very high places and they were influential people. So i ran out of excuses and had to see the father of these 'influential' people. Ethically it would be very hard for me if some thing happened to their father while i kept arguing with them. So i told the sister to keep patients waiting for 10 minutes. Went with them crammed in an auto to a nearby house. On the way it turned out they were not that 'influential' as they claimed. When i reached the house i found a 70-year-old man with stroke who was bedridden since 2 weeks. He had a weak pulse and was a bit disoriented due to hyponatraemia(lack of salt in food). I told them to give him rice water with a little salt and he needed lab testing (for hyponatraemia) and an IV drip from the nearby hospital if possible. Since my hospital has OP facilities only i recommended the small private hospital near their home.

On my way back the old mans son offered me two hundred rupee notes. He just pushed it into my hand despite my protests. I gave it back to him and told him he could put it in the pain & palliative donation box at my hospital. It was wrong for me to accept money for treating a patient during my working hours. I never felt any attraction towards money since years. All i earn every month goes into by bank account and by now it should contain an amount that will be enough to conduct my wedding :) (without taking dowry)
Accepting easy money or any money from people makes me debted to them ethically. And i hate liabilities. Now they all are debted to me. I prefer that liability from their side for the help i rendered free of charge. Such relations have always helped me during tough times.

I don't know if its useless to be idealistic in this money crazy world. I am not a great idealist, just some one trying to make a difference by doing my bit. This is my prayer to you god. I don't have any fancy words or songs for you. I don't come to church, but every time i try to make a difference is actually a prayer for you. I don't want anything from your side. Just remembering you that's all.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

26/11: no hope for justice?

"Kasab is just a pawn, the king & queen are still on the board" these are the words of a father of a 26/11 victim. His son and daughter in law were murdered by people from across the border. I heard their radio conversations in a National Geographic documentary. I heard the handlers ordering their pawns to kill women and elderly. These pawns were hoping to reach heaven by killing women and children. It comforts me knowing the fact that they are now roasting in hell.
I have a feeling that its useless in conducting talks with our neighbour. Last time we talked, we got Kargil war. Next time we got 26/11. Its absolutely useless in talking to the civilian government. Its better to talk to the their military leaders or terrosist heads.

Midnight.. Its raining

I'm lying in my bed typing this and i could hear the rain pouring down outside. I could hear the sound of the fan turning at a slow speed.. Rrheang rrheang rrheang... It's the sound :) repeating it over and to the point that i don't hear it any more. Right now the rain picked up pace a little. Sounds of water pouring down from roof, water falling on leaves.. No other sound. Even the neighbours dogs are silent. The silence of the night is quite nice here. The main road is a bit far so no more vehicle sounds. I wonder how many people are walking on the streets right now? No one i think. Its 1.30am. Everyone should be hard asleep and its raining, so even the watchman might be asleep. My eyes are drooping.. Its sad i have only my pillow to hug in this cold night :) One of the side effects of being single at 28. Wife, family, kids, responsibilities, running after money, sleepless night taking care of the baby, dropping family to school, work.. Phew! Lets stay single for another year. Hello Mr Pillow.. :) shall we?
Good night folks.

Monday, November 1, 2010

'Shikkar' has an un-necessary first half

Shikkar would have been a good thriller IF.. the plot was not stretched to accommodate un necessary songs, family drama and comical acts. The songs are boring, the comical acts by suraj & jagathi are not funny and they are presented as a filler between the serious scenes of the real plot. So they appear awkward instead of being funny. There are even some local villains stuffed in the first half to accommodate a typical lalettan fight scene. The fight scenes look weak with usual superhero stunts. The small romantic angle between mohanlal and a young actress looks awkward as she looks as young as his daughter in the movie.

The good part about the film is the second half with the original plot. The movie would have fared better if it had skipped its entire first half. It would have been a big hit if it was made like Bhramaram or BigB i.e by giving importance to the original plot. The naxalite angle adds life to the movie after the first half. It picks up pace and keeps audience glued to their seat till the end. I think the original plot of the movie was stretched to add all the masala elements which ruined it. An average movie, watch it if you are a Mohanlal fan.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Life goes on..

I just typed how i feel now and deleted it. I'm too sceptical to share my personal feelings in internet. Feeling which im not proud of. Repressed ones.. No, it's not about sex :) or any similar religiously forbidden stuff. I have a habit of repressing any thought which induce anxiety. I postpone the thought to my work hours. These thoughts include thoughts about my future and official problems. Wish i could write more.. But anyone in net can read all these stuff by just googling my name. It's a tactic employed by recruiting agencies, so i better not leave any negative stuff about me here. Or may be i should go anonymous under some nick name.. Hmm.. Sounds like a good idea.. Will think about that. Good night.. The power just went off and its raining hard outside. It's a common tactic of the guys from electricity board to switch off the power if there's lightning.
There's a good news , one of my good friends have become a father. It's a boy :) God bless him. Will go and see the baby tomorrow. Need to buy some gift.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Elections are on the way..

Tomorrow is election day. Feeling a bit sick as i'm having some cold. May be it was yesterdays rain-soaked bike ride which got me the cold. Normally i'm pretty immune to cold climate and cold but don't know why i got sick. May be it's because i had to remove my helmet in rain to attend a call. Normally this cold moves on into fever and subsides in a couple of days. I hate it when i get sick with viral flu. It comes only in a couple or so but i hate it. It's a bit less comparing to the number of fever cases which comes to the OP. The fan in my room stopped working 2 days back, may be the stagnant air in the room and the cold climate contributed to it. Anyway i'll be fine in a couple of days.
Got to vote tomorrow. This is the only time we will be to see the arrogant politicians humble themselves and smile at every stranger. Most of them are arrogant except for a select few like the councillor at my workplace, he's locally known as 'chachettan'. A great guy.. I should have voted for him if he stood for election at my place. Sadly the guys here are.. Lets wait and see how they are.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Applied for department test

Today was a cool day. It was raining all along so OP patients were less. Went to colorhouse studio after Op to take some prints of manikkuttan's 7th birthday party and to take a passport size photo. The studio was in all sort of problems when i got there with thier electricity out and computers shutdown. The girl at the reception told me they'll take the photo but they're not sure when they can give the prints. They told me to come after 1 hour. So i had a burger then went to town to the SBI ATM. One of the machines there was having a complaint and was not dispensing cash. The other machine was occupied by slowpokes who used to poke at the touch screen like a cat pawing at an insect :) . I stood there for an eternity and i was next person at the machines & the lady in front of me was wasting time in drawing money. She was almost over when two officers from the bank came and asked me to stand out for 10 minutes as they were fixing the other ATM machine. I forgot to take the helmet which i had kept inside ATM. So i had no choice but to wait. Thankfully they opened the ATM in 5 minutes and i drew money quick.

I went back to the studio only to find out that the prints were not ready and their printing machine was broken. I didn't hide my irritation about my time being wasted but wasn't rude at the girl in the counter. She too wasn't that pleasant but i guess it was noon and may be she didn't have her lunch. The lady at the main counter said the same stuff that they can't give the prints now, but she said it with a smile and was pleasant. So i was nice to her. I think i have an inflated ego :)

Came back home had a nap, went back to the studio now and got the prints. Applied for the department test now. Got to remit the chalan at the treasury now. Gotta log off, bye.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Standing at crossroads

Now i have a choice.. Continue the downhill path i've been heading since last few years or Change my destiny by becoming ambitious once again. Since last few years i had lost my ambition as i failed to give a meaning to my life. I lived like a lazy bachelor with no specific time table but now i think its time to get back my time table. Time to get fit once again and its time to gather back all i've lost in last few years. Its comeback time..

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Pranchiyettan & the saint

Watched this movie today. It was raining and i stood in the queue with may rain coat and cap on. It was an odd day to rain so many people in the queue didn't bring umbrella. They all stood soaking wet in the rain. I don't know how do they plan to sit in the AC theatre in those wet clothes. People were pretty determined to see this movie.
About the movie, it was a light hearted movie supposed to be happening in the place where i work and live! The names such as karyattukara is said many times in the movie and its the place where my hospital is! Mammooty does quite a good job by really transforming into the character. Saint Francis has a good role in the movie and have a sense of aura around him like Baapu in Lage Raho. The songs are heartwarming.. Watch this one..

Its a 'different' movie, so unlike the usual masala movies. Its definitely worth a watch. Now i understand why people want to see this movie so much.

Monday, October 18, 2010

A bit disillusioned

I've been missing from my online diary for more than a week by now.. Why? Because i feel i am writing crap. I don't have the talent to write a great blog and i know that. I just wanted this to be an online diary but i feel its foolish to store my secrets online as anyone can access it. So i am left with non intimate details which i share here and i am not satisfied with it.

Okay let me write some personal details.. i feel horrible. Life has gone so dull. The only time i feel happy is when i am talking to my patients. That too is now gone as i have to rush through the OP to finish it before lunch, so that all the staff can have lunch in time. The only joy i had was the smiles i used to get from the OPD and now its all mechanical. I am not a humanitarian as i write, i am a lazy guy who hesitates before giving money to the poor. I would rather use it on a fancy gadget or a burger instead of giving it to the poor. I am mean.. but i do like sharing happiness to people when i am in the OPD.

I went to the church last week hoping to find some inspiration. When i went there i felt good at first, its been a long time since i've been there. But i didn't feel happy, i was chanting the prayer like a robot, i didn't pray. Church was good but not as life changing as i expected it to be. The only place i feel happy and praying is when i work in the OPD.

Life sucks.. sorry to use the bad language but life really sucks. I hate to write this in internet net, there's a chance that in future some one will use this against me but i can't resist. Let them do whatever they want, i don't care. I will keep writing my crap, may be some day i will read this and laugh at myself, some day when i am feeling great. Bye.


Saturday, October 9, 2010

God has a sense of humour

I was taking breakfast today morning, when the door bell rang. Mom went to see who's out there. She came back saying "its the party workers, even the mayor is there!". The mayor was a candidate from our own ward. She was visiting every house as a part of the election campaigning. She was waiting there outside for me and my parents! I smiled to myself... :) why? I'll explain..

Since last year i'm working as the head of the institution of a PHC which came under Thrissur corporation. The Mayor was the president of our hospital management committee. It was my duty to organise the commitee meeting. I sent a letter to her requesting her presence. But she replied that she was busy and didn't have time for the meeting. I myself went to the corporation office so that i can convince her to come to the meeting. I went 5 times and was unable to meet her each time. She was always busy in her official duties. I was never able to meet her. She is a good person, may be she was busy i guess. Finally i decided not to go to corporation office.

Now she is waiting outiside my house to see me! God do have a sense of humour. Nothing is static in this world. Everything can change in a moment.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Elsamma enna aankutty

I'm waiting inside a theatre right now. Going to watch this movie. My bike broke down on my way back home. Gave it to a garage and since i'll get it only by evening i went to a movie. The hall is some what empty, Not surprising as Rajnikanth starrer 'Endhiran' is in nearby theatre. I prefer movies like this instead of mindless action films. I write on my blog when i feel alone and i need to talk to someone. Felt lonely now so writing this... the movie is about to start, will write more after the movie.

06.49PM Home

Back home after the movie. Got my bike from the garage.

The movie was good but its a pity that very few people were there at the theatre. The movie had tough competition from many other movies - Shikar (Mohanlal), Pranchiyettan(Mammooty), Endhiran(Rajnikanth). All these movies have super stars in them and i heard many of them were good too.

This movie had great songs, great camera work and good acting. The plot is about a young girl who takes responsibility of her family after her fathers untimely death. The new actress Ann Augustine has performed well and even Kunjacko Boban acting looks nice! May be its the magic of the director Lal Jose. The movie gives you a refreshing feeling with the beautiful landscapes in the background. It proves that we don't need to go to Switzerland to shoot a good scenery. All of them were shot in and around Kerala. The songs are great, they are sweet and refreshing. The movie is not as good as other Lal Jose movies like Arabikkatha but a good one.
Here's a song from the movie

Sunday, October 3, 2010

I wonder..


I wonder if my life would have been different if i had made different choices in the past. If i.. ..can't write now.. awfully sleepy..

The Next Day 01.06 AM

Still confused regarding what to write. I hate Mondays that's one point i can make with 100% certainty.  Saw common wealth games opening ceremony, was kind of  good but Rahman's song was lousy. It was an okay song but no where near Jai Ho or Waka Waka.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Learned a lesson in life

I joined government service 1 1/2 years back as the head of an institution. I was always polite and friendly even to the everyone. But it resulted in a situation when everyone started considering me as a colleague and not the head of the institution. Most of the staff treated me with love and respect except for a few who started misusing it. Finally i decided to become a stern individual and now things are going smooth. Learnt a big lesson in life. One needs to assert one's authority if he is occupying a position of power, otherwise things won't get done.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Xmarks follows Vox

Today i updated my firefox and was surprised of another impending death.. Xmarks a free bookmark synchronisation service is going to stop its service to its free users.It was previously known as Foxmarks and was very useful for firefox users. I've been using it for many years now. Now they too have decided doing something for free isn't worth it. Or may be some corporate giants bought them and decided to make it a paid service. Good bye Xmarks, it was nice of you to announce this in 3 months advance (unlike vox who declared it too late). Thanks for everything.

You can switch over to Firefox Sync add-on if you were using Xmarks.

R.I.P Vox

I started blogging a few months back via my N97 Mini. The phone had an option yo upload photos online. It's through that way that i got acquainted with My previous blog was at I made a lot of posts via my phone into vox. Last month i was shocked to see their mail on September 3rd saying that they were closing down by the end of this month.

I visited TypePad but its was a paid blog. I checked their announcement in their blog. In it they were assuring everyone that the vox blogs exported into TypePad will get a free registration and my vox blog url will be redirected to the TypePad account. I exported all the stuff into TypePad as a backup but i was suspicious if they too will close the door on my face like vox.

So i decided to move to wordpress. May be the guys at vox are experiencing a financial crunch and doing this out of necessity. All the imported photos in blog posts got shrunk into a frame both in TypePad and Wordpress. But wordpress is better than vox so i am happy here. Now only few hours remain for the inevitable..

RIP Vox. You will be very much missed.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Standing up for what's right

Today i forwarded a complaint from my staff to my superiors. It was against another employee. I had a choice.. and i stood for the right one. Even if it meant facing ire from the other employee. I stood for the truth and now i have a clear conscience. Since i was young i was accused by my peers of not standing with them when they were doing something wrong. Even now i hold on to that habit.

Lets wait and see what happens..

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Digg has dugg its own grave

I've been a regular user of since 2007. Through these years digg has changed from a user oriented site to a corporate billboard. First it was the power users then came the annoying shouts now it nails its own coffin with the new version: Digg v4. The disastrous redesign was so bad that it started flooding the "Top News" section with articles from, digg's own rival.

It resulted in a user revolt. For weeks i can only see posts from users saying how they hate the new digg and they are moving to reddit. And they were right the front page was awful with stories from big websites spamming into digg front page. And now after some time results are becoming obvious. Digg's traffic is down and reddit's traffic is going up.

Here's the traffic rating of Digg and Reddit for the last 3 months. I pray the owner of Digg start seeing some sense before it's too late.

Finally! recovered from the cold

A minor cold had been bugging me since last month. I was never sick but the occasional stuffed not was a real bugger. I never took any medicines as i wanted to give my immune system some exercise. And i did recover at times only to catch another cold after drinking cold sprite while having a burger. Last week too i had a craving for junk food but survived it. The fast food resaurant was full. So i recharged pearl's phone from the nearby shop, had my hair cropped & bought an antibiotic with the same money i intended to spent on junk food. Took those tabs for last 2 days and now i'm fine.

Filed a police complaint

Last week was very 'interesting' with regards to the events that took place. A female employee at my hospital had an issue with a person claiming to be a politician. She had quite a bit of a quarrel with that guy and later submitted a complaint to me. As the head of the institution i had no option but to forward it to the police. I really don't like to file a complaint considering the fact that nothing good will turn out of it but i had no choice. It was my official duty. I wish i could write more details about this event and the associated events but i can't. I hope everything turns out fine.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Watched the Benjamin Button movie

I've always been afraid of growing old. Now that i'm approaching 30years of age (2 yrs to go) i was always concerned about getting old. But this movie provides me with a different view on life. Its scary to say young always.. i mean i find the memories of last 28 years as too much. Too much stuff to remember. Its scary to grow young as shown in the movie. I even find the idea of immortality as awfully boring. Now i don't want to stay young always, i want to grow old like everyone else & go back to god when the time comes. I no longer fear death.. Its just an extended sleep till i wake up... again. May be as a different person or an animal or be with god. Fearing death is useless. Whenever we go to sleep we don't think if we will ever wake up again. Its hope that allows us to sleep. The hope that i will wake up again tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

a haunted house..

When i was a kid there used to be an abandoned mansion which always creeped me out. It was about a quarter of a km away from my house. There were rumours that some one committed suicide in that house. Don't know if it's just a rumour or reality.
When i was a teen me and my friend had a crush on a girl. She was the most beautiful girl in our school. She was a member of the 'varma' (kshatriya) family. So her house was near that mansion (The girl later became one of the leading actress of Malayalam cinema, her name is Samyukta Varma. It's a big story will add in another post later).

We used to cycle to that place on free days. The road was calm and quiet. Best suited for kids to cycle. When we reach the house i used to frighten my friends saying that there's ghost in there. The house has a big earthen jug right at the veranda. I used to say to my friends that there was a body in that jug :)
Years passed by.. Now the property owners have sold the whole plot to the real estate dealers and flats are rising all around it. You can see it in the photo but the 'haunted' house is still standing. Don't know why they are still keeping it.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

God bless Nandakumar sir

Today i happened to pass the home of Late.Dr Nandakumar, he was my teacher. He died due to an unknown fever a few months back. He was only in his late 40s! His board is still there outside his house... like he's still there :( Its so sad to see. Why do good people die early?

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Times Now needs a spell check

This is the second time i'm seeing typos in the news :)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

A bit confused

I've been a bit sick lately. The antibiotics i took a few days back took care of any bacterial infection. Now i'm just having some cold typical of a viral flu. Since its self subsiding i got to wait for a few more days.

Today my mom told me about one incident where she heard about my professional reputation from one of my patients. She heard many good things about me and was happy to hear that. But hearing that made me a bit confused as i've become a bit mechanical since last week. I mean i don't smile that often at my patients and i try to finish my OP as early as possible. I am finally able to eat lunch in time. By doing that i have gained free time everyday but i am losing the satisfaction i got while doing my work. Last month one of my patients had complained about one of my staff saying she insulted her. The female staff was a bit rude so i think she deserved it. So there was an inquiry by the authorities and the RCH officer came on that day. She showed me the complaint, inside it there was a sentence saying "the doctor here is very good". I was.. moved by that. I mean its a complaint & even in it they tried to protect me. I hope i am worthy of the affection. I know there will be some people to criticize me but there are many others who like me. That feels great. It adds a meaning to my life. In last few years there have been instances when i thought if there was any meaning to my existence in this world. I think i finally found an answer. It fills me with hope & a belief that i tired to make a difference in this world. And then everything feels brighter or is it the sun? :) don't know but it do adds a smile to my face and adds serenity to my thoughts. It feels great.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Finally decided to take antibiotic

If you remember i had made a post two weeks back saying that i had fever. Since i've been having mild sore throat and cold. Finally bought 3 tabs of antibiotic named Azithromycin. The 3 tabs cost ~100 Rs! Its been ages since i bought medicine. Today is a holiday so resting at home. Yesterday i was a bit mechanical in the OPD i.e the number of patients was too high & i felt dizzy due to cold. I hate being mechanical while treating my patients but it does help me to finish OP early. I love the emotional bond i have with my patient but its so hard to stay so.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

On the spot of a building fire

Today i happened to stumble on a building fire on the way back home. The building was totally burnt out. I think i had been to those shops some time back. I think it was a clock shop. It was a nice small shop, sad to see it like this. It wasn't a clock store but  a footwear shop. Hope it has insurance.

Took some snaps.

Its hard to stay single

I'm 28 now and i'm single. All these years i had tried hard to stay single but now i'm reaching the deadline age ... 30! Which marks the end of my 'youth' & my entry into the middle age. Why did i stay single for so long? Because i hated responsibilities and control, till now i'm a free bird but once i get married i will have to start playing the role of the 'perfect guy' to my spouse and my in-laws.
Another reason is the cost behind the wedding. Oh yes i can ask for a fat dowry and ask them to conduct the marriage but it will damage my self-respect. To keep my self-respect intact i'll have to empty out my bank balance. Hmm... A tough choice.. Self respect or bank balance. And considering the ideology that people never value stuff done for free i really don't know if i should say no to the huge amounts i will be offered. Self respect... Its way too important for me. Another fear of mine is that if i reject the dowry offer and empty out my bank balance on my wedding, will i be able to afford my wife's shopping fantasies. She will think i'm a loser who can't afford to buy her all those expensive jewellery. I hope she won't see me as a non practical guy with only self-respect and no money.
Anyway i might get married next year or the one after that. Life's becoming way too lonely. I need a soul mate, a lap to rest my head when i feel sad, a friend who can guide me. I don't care how she looks or how she dresses. I need a friend, a partner, to spent a life time together.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Effects of the strike

Today the whole town has been shutdown in a show of strength by the unions. Thankfully they are not blocking private vehicles & no one's damaging public property. We have gone miles ahead of the usual destructive bandhs. I have to thank the Kerala political parties for that. Here people take these strikes as a public holiday :) Its actually the people fault for keeping the roads empty. Took some snaps of the empty roads and bus stand and a deserted corporation office.


Another stupid strike tomorrow

Tomorrow there's a strike planned in Kerala by the unions as a protest against the central govt. As usual people will throw stones at vehicles and hold rallies. Thankfully parties have stopped burning vehicles in these days. Does anyone care about the manual labourer who's going to be out work tomorrow? He has wages on a daily basis and if he doesn't work he will stay hungry tomorrow. As if these unions care about such people. These stupid bandhs and hartals are just a show of strength. It won't make any difference. I'm going for work tomorrow. Will take some snaps of the deserted roads.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Funny breaking news

I happened to see an inadvertently funny headlines in CNN-IBN :)

Monday, August 30, 2010

Need to sleep

When i have worries which i can't tell anyone i just sleep. Its one occasion when i feel the absense of a soulmate. Now a days i mail on to this blog from my mobile. I really wish i could tell about what happened today to others but i can't. Anything i say will adversely affect people whom i care about. I wish i could be angry and vent my frustrations at some one but i shouldn't. I need to sleep. Hopefully i will feel better when i wake up.

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Feeling hurt

Can't explain why but some thing happened which i didn't expect. Never thought i will be feeling like this but it happened. May be its a lesson for me. I need to stay silent about this for the sake of others.. people whom i care about.

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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Bipasha Basu & Spell check

Happened to an unintenionally funny tweet from Bipasha Basu today. :)

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Friday, August 27, 2010

Down with fever

It was inevitable with too many patients having viral fever. That too at hospital and NCC camp where i am managing OP since last week. But i'll be fine. I usually bath in cold water while i'm having fever :) Till now it has worked nicely. Tomorrow too i think i'll be able to go to work. So far in the past my fever always subsides with in one or two days. And as long as i don't have any running nose or cough i wont be transmitting the fever. Now its just fever and bodyache. I'll be fine. I'm feeling better already as i type this. I'll take an off on sunday.

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Holidays and doctors

I think doctors are the only professionals who are forced to work even on holidays. People feel doctors don't need to be with their family on these days. I've been working extra time yesterday and today on the days of onam holidays. That too in two different places. It feels great to eat onam feast late in noon i.e at 2pm :).
May be doctors are not allowed to have holidays. I should have considered this while taking up this job. I'm okay with it though.

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Monday, August 16, 2010

There is still goodness left in this world

At my working place i have acquired a donation box from pain and palliative care society. One sad trend i see is that people are so enthusiatic to give me 50 or 100 rupee notes. But if i ask any of them to make a donation to the charity box they start searching for one or two rupee coins. Because of that i ask them to put my fees into the charity box. Never thought of sharing this story with anyone but a similar incident today prompted me to write this.
A girl came to my op today. In the past i had issued her fitness certificates, many times even for free as she was a student. She is from a middle class family. Today after issuing another certificate i asked her to put my fees into the charity box. She was so sceptical about donating 40 rupees to the poor that she hesitated a lot. So immediately i told her with a smiling face that there's no need to donate any money if you are doing it unwillingly. It was 3 o clock in the evening, i was sitting there with out taking my lucnh. I was not angry but disappointed. But still hopeful that there are lots of good people around.. one poor auto driver who donated 100 rupees even without asking. His wife died recently of cancer. God bless those who help others. All i feel is that money has no real power over fate. You can only own 6 feet of land in the end.

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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Vijay Mallya's website hacked!

Here's Mr Mallya himself tweeting about it 15 minutes back. May be he should consider spending some money from his billions on internet security :)

Saturday, August 14, 2010

I'm sorry

Today memories of some one came into my mind. Good ones but with a tinge of sadness. It was about a girl. Its been quite a while but i have a feeling that she still bears anger towards me. She has the right for that as it was i who walked away. But ever since that happened i've been quite uninterested when it came to matters of the heart. I hope you are happily married somewhere. We were in different extremes of society and i am still sure that it would have never worked out. But its my mistake for breaking your heart. May god forgive me. I hope you are happily married and have beautiful kids and a great hubby. God bless you.

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Quarter life crisis..

A bit confused today. A bit concerned about the future. I don't know if i am confused or i'm thinking clearly. Never felt the necessity to earn more money in my life. Never had any debts or financial difficulties. Things started changing once i attended the marriage of my cousin at Kottarakkara. Everyone there was hellbent on getting me married :) My thought was about the responsibilities once i get married. I need more money to run a family. Need a bigger salary. Got to change my life. And it starts now..

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Sunday, August 8, 2010

A tribute to the working mothers

Saw this cartoon in Hindu today. The cartoon shows how a mom and her toddler really feel when she departs to work. A great sketch.

Back home after a long drive

Been driving for 12 hours since last 2 days. Now back home after attending a wedding at kottarakkara. I almost s.. (fell asleep yesteday night at this point) was awfully sleepy.

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Friday, August 6, 2010

Got a long journey ahead

Today i have to travel around 300 kms to reach Kottarakkara, Kollam, Kerala. Have to drive all the way. My cousins wedding's tomorrow. I guess i too will get some marriage proposals during the event :) Its getting pretty hard to stay single for long now a days. All these years have altered my perception of such relations i.e marriage. I have stepped out of the wonderland. Now days i see it more as a long partnership rather than a romeo & juliet tale. I.. have gone old i guess. I perceieve it as a responsibility rather than a relation. Its like i am getting a new best friend for life. Lets wait and see what future holds for me.

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Thursday, August 5, 2010

An expensive week

Its been a week since i've written something. Can't say i was too busy but was not feeling like blogging. Last saturday i bought a camcoder from sony. Its Sony Handycam SX44E. Its pretty small i.e just as long as a pen.
It costed me Rs 14990/- After a couple of days i bought a 16GB memory card and a powerful battery. The battery gives 10 hours of power and the card gives 6 hours of recording time. Both of these costed 8K and 2K respectively raising the total cost to 25K. Now i just need to charge it only once before going for a vacation as people only record upto 2 to 3 hours max on a 3 day trip.

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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Learning to be hungry

Since last 1 month i always have late lunch. Its mostly because of my busy OP and some what wilfully. I am on a crash diet regime. I know its unhealthy but it has always worked for me.

During these long hours of fasting i'v learned the value of food. Now i know how unfortunate people around me feel. How i should start helping those who cant even afford a meal. I will figure some thing out.

Now waiting in a dental clinic to get my tooth fixed. Haven't taken any food till now. Got to lose all the lazy gifts i've earned during these years.

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Being an impulsive traveller

07.25 pm, Chalakkudy

Waiting in a good restaurant after having ordered a big meal. I'm awfully hungry now :) Had a very nice trip to Athirappilly falls.

Most of my long bike rides are not planned in advance.Today my work finished early by 12.30 noon. Didn't go to OP today. Had a health check up at a school. By noon i had some what made up my mind to travel a bit. Felt like trying out the panorama photo software i installed in my phone recently. The software takes a wide angle (180 degree) shots.

Will add more details soon. Phone's battery low. My order just arrived too.

10.24 pm, Home

Reached home finally! Uploaded all the images from my phone to PC. So here's the story, after today's work i decided to go somewhere in my bike. Since i didn't have enough time to go to my favourite biking destination Nelliampthi Hills i decided to go to Athirappilly, the place where Raavan was shot. The place is around 80km away from my house. Considering the rain and the winding roads i decided i can reach there in 2 hours and come back by night. (My last trip to Athirappilly was unplanned too. Was sitting in a boring class, felt like going some where. I set forth to Athirappilly with only 75 Rs in my purse! Got stopped by police on the way :) Will explain that story later )

Here are some snaps on the way

The rain gods were on my side till i reached the entrance of the falls by around 4pm. Then it stated pouring heavily so i changed into my rain coat and set forth to meet my favourite holiday destination. I didn't take lunch as i had to reach there soon. So i bought a bottle of sprite and kept it with me. I knew it will come in handy when i climb down to the bottom of the falls. Here's the view from the top

Here's the drop..

Stayed for a while at the top of the falls. This is the place where Aiswarya Rai jumps down in Raavan :) I'm pretty sure it wasn't her who jumped. But it was definitely her who touched down below in the water. Its not a very big drop but lethal as there are lots of rocks below. Took a few sips of sprite and headed to the bottom of the falls. We can go near that! Isn't that great! But better be ready to get wet :) There's a paved road nearby using which you can reach the bottom of the falls. Here's the road

The place was quiet as it was late in the evening, raining and it was a working day. It was just the way i wanted. I don't like to go to crowded tourist posts. But i did feel a bit vulnerable as it was late and there were very few people around. Since muggers and thieves are not much common here i was okay with the feeling. I slowly walked down for a while taking snaps and here's the place near the falls.

This is the place where the fight scene between Ash and Abhishek in Raavan was shot. The place is cool. But do watch out for the leeches if you go into the path between the bamboo trees (not in this photo). It was getting late and i needed to leave. On the way back i had a small chat with the guard who had been standing there warning overzealous tourists with his whistle. The poor guy talked like he hadn't talked to some one in ages. It was a lonely place and its natural. He told me about how the whole place we were standing was filled with water last month. After small chat i checked my shirt (i was wearing jacket which was open near the collar. The whole shirt was drenched with water! :) So i climbed back on to the top of the falls. Dried myself a bit. Then drove back home. Stopped near Dreamworld water theme park and took some snaps.

Had the late lunch from Chalakkudy by 7.30pm. Got caught up in an awful rain on the way. I find it hard to drive in rain at night. Since i use glasses the glare from the headlights is disorienting. I was 15kms away from when my headlight gave in to the rain. The bulb blew i guess and i was driving with out lights! I switched on the left turn indicator and kept it beeping all the way till i reached home.

So it was a great day :) A day to remember..

Monday, July 26, 2010

Good deeds never go unpunished

Today OP ended late by around 3.30 evening. The no of patients had crossed hundred today. I was hungry as usual as i didn't have my lunch yet. I went to my bike to find its left mirror loose at its base, some ****** had twisted it in 180 degrees so that the mirror now faced the front of the bike. Fixed the mirror on the way back home from a workshop. I guess its what i will get for working hard even when there's no need for it. I feel it would be wrong to judge a community based on the actions of a single individual.

Dear God,

I will continue to do my work regardless of the gains i get out of it. I know i will never get any appreciation from authorities and i will never have any financial gains. I will continue to work as per my heart. This is my prayer for you god. I don't go to church or kneel and pray. I am praying through my deeds. I am living by the way you promised and i donate 10% of my monthly income to poor patients. I don't want anything in return. I'm just trying to make my life useful to some one. Thank you god.

p.s: i hope you do read blogs :)

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Sunday, July 25, 2010

A different ship :)

Its a church in the shape of a ship colloquially known as Kappal Palli (ship church) situated near Kanjani, Thrissur, Kerala. Here's the google maps location of the church

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Track the location of your own phone

You can now track the location of your phone based on GPS and cell phone tower. This will be very useful in case your phone gets lost. I guess you can also install it into your kids phones and check their location. I don't know it they will like it or not but will definitely help an anxious parent.
But you will need a Nokia S60 V3 or V5 phone. Works also on certain Samsung and Sony phones. Here's the detailed list

Here's what need to do:
1. Open ovistore in your phone
2. Search for a software named "Periodic"
3. Download and install it
(You can also download it directly from the developers website. Use the Ovisuite PC application to install it into your phone)

After the application is installed,
Go to "options" and register your phone.
After registering go to "options" and click "complete registration"

You can use the software to update your location to your online account at periodic.
Here's my trail :)

You can go to settings and select the update frequency. Setting it to 6hours will be ideal for minimum battery usage. You can also set a "buddy number". This number will receive an sms of your current location if the SIM card is changed. Very useful if your phone gets stolen.

Update 28.07.10: The screenshot in this post shows my online account map showing my trip to Athirappilly Falls. The software is working nicely.

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Dead Beach

Today i felt like paying a visit to one of my frequent hangouts. I used to go out there often with my best pal. Drove through rain for half an hour and this is what i saw when i reached there!

An entire beach missing! what you see in the pic is not the beach but the area near the road that runs paralell to shore. Here's what the place used too look i.e my location (in google maps) while taking this photo.

I kept snapping photos even though it was drizzling a bit.I looked around, the local residents are some what used to this by now. The land will come back after monsoon but the trees.. it will take years for them to grow back. Global warming is indeed swallowing up the land.
More pictures..


While on my way back i stopped near a river, they too are full but not furious like the sea. Took these snaps


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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Certificate error

Tired of seeing this error while trying to install an application in your phone? You can solve this by signing symbian applications before install.You can do this by applying for a certificate from OPDA website. Register there and apply for a new certificate. You will find the essential tools for signing symbian apps in your account.

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Trying out panorama view

Panorama view of my living room i.e a 180 degree shot taken from my mobile. Used a paid software named "Panoman" to take the photo.

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Friday, July 16, 2010

Flooded paddy fields in monsoon

Flooded football ground

Was passing through the paddy fields of Adatt, Thrissur. Took some pictures of a football field :)
click on the pic to see the goal post :)

Here's the place from google maps i.e when it was dry

Once the monsoon passes the ground will rise again from the deep :)

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Unfollowed Priyanka Chopra

Felt like unfollowing her profile after seeing this tweet. She's a good celeb but i guess i don't want to be part of the 5 million fan club. I follow them as their tweets are kinda personal & friendly and not like a loyal fanboy following. All the best to her.

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Xenophobic rant by Joel Stein

I recently came to know about Joel Stein via a tweet from Abhishek Bachan who addressed him like this

So i followed the link and found out the article named "My Own Private India" which i felt was a xenophobic rant. I don't know if its racist or not as that word is so unnecessarily used these days. But i did feel the author of the article has some serious issues with Indian immigrants. I was also surprised to see a times article containing insults towards gods of a specific religion. The article attracted wide spread attention from all over the world and i guess its what he needed. He's famous and he'll get more money. May be he should try the same with other religions next time and see what happens to him. What stein doesn't realise is that his nation was found by immigrants. I agree most of the people there aren't racist but i truly feel stomach sick when people say things like "Go back to your own country" or use terms such as "dot heads". Such people are always welcome to come to India especially to my place Kerala and see how we treat guests or immigrants.

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Thursday, July 15, 2010 3:30:52 AM

Spent 4K on fixing two teeth! I should have opted for BDS when i had the chance :) Audit ended at my PHC without much issues. Have a physical fitness checkup for school kids tomorrow as per the request from the local sub inspector. Have a 2 hour class for asha worker at my block phc the day after tomorrow. Gotta sleep. Bye.

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Bachan vs Masand

Amitabh Bachan had been seen lately engaging in a bitter war of words with Rajeev Masand, the critic. Here's the story..

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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

SMS scams

Receieved this sms asking Rs 525/- as delivery charges for a cheap pearl set! They should be delivering from the moon i think :) Called customer care and activated the 'Do not Disturb' service.

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