Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Its Jabulani time

Every here in Kerala is pretty excited about the world cup. Even my little cousin.

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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Raavan has a confusing story

Saw Raavan 2 hours back. 
Raavan is a visual treat but mani ratnam got the story all wrong. Raavan is not supposed to be the good guy!
Ash is not supposed to protect Raavan and Vikram isn't supposed to kill an unarmed Indrajith by deception!

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Thursday, June 17, 2010

The monsoon effect

Had a pretty eventful day. Woke up late reached OP at 9.30am. Around 50 patients were waiting in queue to see. As soon as i entered the OP a guy came with his daughter, he had skipped the queue. The guy had an arrogant look saying he was the husband of some health staff. Checked the kid and prescribed medicines. The people who were already waiting in queue were getting restless on seeing this. After him another lady (was a bank employee or so) jumped the queue and came with one of our staff, so i had to treat her too. People's patience was wearing thin and after the lady the particular staff brought her brother, again skipping the queue. I could feel the patience of people in the line running out and... there was the inevitable, one woman who had been waiting in the line for more than 1 1/2 hours started shouting. She was annoyed at that staff and finally.. unfortunate me. I had been working here since one year and it was the first time when a patient yelled at me. Without answering her questions i checked her son and prescribed medicines. I knew arguing with her will just waste my time and it will be 3'o clock in noon when the op finished. I am starting to feel pretty hungry these days when i sit late in the op without taking lunch.

After checking a couple of patients i called my clerk and told him to tell all our staff to kindly not jump the queue. I told they can bring their direct family members at 10.30 am or later but not before that. One of my favourite staff too had brought his relative for a certificate but he was pretty sensible and asked me before jumping the line. I told him to wait for half an hour so and i will take care of it when i go to the dressing room. Later by 11am one of the patients was going psycho at our attender for not letting him in in OP early, he too wanted to jump the queue. He tore his OP ticket and threw into my room and rushed out yelling some thing. Through these years i have developed a selective deafness while i see my patients. What can i do? i see my patients all at a stretch from 9am to even 3pm if there is rush in the OPD. Can you imagine how hard it is to seen 100 patients in one session. I sit there with a smiley face without even drinking water. Most of the days i feel some thing burning in my stomach by 2pm. I feel tired and dizzy on the days when i eat lunch late i.e on all days.Its even harder to keep a cool calm smiley face when you are feeling like hell.

But its my job and the government is paying me for it. But i care for my patients not because of the salary but i find it as a way to make my life meaningful. I want to make my miserable insignificant life useful to some one before i die. All this add a meaning to my life and it makes me happy. I feel this is my destiny to make people happy and no matter what they say at me i will care for them in the same way i care about my family.

The OP ended at 2.30 noon. Went to the supermarket and bought some snacks for dad me and mom. Came home had lunch and slept. Woke up an hour back. So that was my day.

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Deepika going for sky diving!