Sunday, November 28, 2010

Diet, Exercise & Blood sugar levels

I've been eating grass (figuratively) for a week  :)
And i can already feel the change. A couple of weeks back my blood glucose levels (after eating lots of sweet stuff) showed impaired glucose tolerance. I panicked and started a healthy diet (sugar & fat-free diet). Tonight after an hour of having a plate of noodles and a big bland vegetable snack my PPBS is 76mg/dl. It was 86 yesterday. The lowering of blood sugar levels were dramatic after diet control or exercise, each of them effectively reducing the blood sugar levels individually. As i doctor i never thought diet & exercise can manage blood sugar levels so effectively!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Feeling great!

Today i started myself on a fat-free, sugar-free, vegetable based diet. Walked 1 and a half hours i.e from home to class and back. Walked 7kms in total. Yesterday my blood glucose levels bordered on diabetes and today my random blood sugar is 86!! i.e. Well with in the accepted range (70-120)

I'm gonna stick to my new healthy diet. I'm gonna totally stop sweet & fatty foods for the rest of my life. Going to walk in the morning too from tomorrow with my senior colleague.

I will become perfectly fit in a year and will reduce my weight from 86 to 70kg. As i'm 6 feet tall i'll look a bit lean with that weight but its okay. It's a promise which i will never fail. Mark my words. 1 year from now i'll read this blog with a perfectly fit body. This is my promise.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Time to fire up my fitness regime

Decided to go on a diet from today. My weight ..had gone up to 92 last year and now i have reduced it to 86kg. It's still not enough as my BMI is at 27 which makes me overweight. Got to lose 16 kgs in a year and reach a BMI of 22. My weight gain is impairing my blood glucose & cholesterol level. I need to fire up and stay fit before any of those bastards get me. I'm going change my walking routine into a jogging/power walk schedule and i'm gonna do it at 6.30 every morning. I'm going to go into a non sugar & fat diet. Its time to get fit.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Waiting to see the new Harry Potter movie

God! It's like a school here. With kids and college students all around. Too damn noisy kids.

Update: So i finally saw the movie. How was it? Well, its like watching highlights of a match. There are some inaccuracies in the plot as the movie shows Harry attending Bill & Fleur's wedding in his original self, while in the book he takes the shape of Ron's cousin "Bernie". The initial fight while transporting multiple harry's is awfully cut short. The part where Voldemort's and Harry's wand's respond to each other (pun not intended :) ) by producing golden flames is not given enough importance in the movie. Even the Twin's "Saint like - Holey" joke looks less stressed in the movie. In the movie a sort of chemistry is shown between Harry & Hermione in the dance scene which is awkward, as the book says they treated each others as brother & sister. The Death eaters attack at Luna Lovegood's house looks like death eaters blasting into the house like missiles many times :) wrecking the house in the process.

Since we cannot add all of the book onto a movie i think we can forgive all these shortcomings. The movie is worth watching. The incorporated scenes do provide justice to the book with the limited time frame. But do keep in mind that the movie will be all confusing for those who haven't read the book. It moves very fast.

Back home after a long walk

Walked 9 1/2 kms today. Wasn't that hard considering the fact that its just walking. My average speed around 5km which is a comfortable pace, even fit to walk for 20km at a stretch. In the past i was a couch potato who spent his time mostly on video games. Now games are off my schedule. Life seems more alive now a days. And i am starting to feel young again. In the past i used to feel like a middle aged guy with a family. My body aches a bit now a days but its not tiresome. I feel fresh every morning. Met a couple of people on the way. One was my sis in laws relative & the second one was one of my old class mates. Its surprising to know that very few people go for evening walk at my place or i may be going through a less used route or No one's nuts like me to walk 10km a day :)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

A 'different' day

Today i decided to buy proper accessories for the evening walk. Bought an adidas shoe and two T-shirts. It was a a bit raining in the evening so started walking along with the umbrella. I had planned to take a long scenic route today, so walked for 8kms. It wasn't that hard as expected. Went to pearls house after that. Will stick that route everyday.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Started a fitness routine

I've been lazy since last 3 months.. gained 3kg since. Now at 87kg

So restarted walking outdoors. I have a treadmill at home but it feels awful to workout alone in a secluded place. Since very few people jog in the evening at my place i chose to walk. Being slightly tech oriented i keep my phone with me during the workout. It has a great GPS based free software called sports tracker. Here's how it works..

Screenshot of today's workout from the phone

Screenshot from the online account of sports tracker

I'm planning to continue with the same schedule from now on.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Enthu manoharamaya nadakkatha swapnam..

Its a movie phrase meaning, sometimes dreams won't come true, particularly in matters of the heart. Had a dream which featured the people whom i had a crush on..

Monday, November 15, 2010

Had an awfully costly get together today

My friend's here, after a long time. We went to our usual 'expensive place' and had a good time. Came back home, watched the expendables, now awfully sleeepy..

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My experience with 'ghosts' :)

During my college days we used to have drinks at midnight in the college campus. It was sort of get together between guys. The campus was a mini-jungle with lots of trees and amidst them are scattered buildings: canteen, hostels, departments, lecture halls, mortuary, office.. All in around a two km radius. The lecture halls are situated near the mortuary. The street lights were there only in front of important buildings. So the whole campus in engulfed in darkness when the sun sets. With only moon light to guide some one who stumbled there at night. There's no bus after 7pm and the autos are available only outside the campus. So of you are stuck in the campus at night, you will have walk around 1 to 2 km in darkness in the middle of a lonely road and lots of trees.
We used to have drinks near the lecture halls. The mortuary was near by. And ladies hostel too was nearby :) So under the influence of the drinks i decided to have a look at the ladies hostel (from the outside of course, its like a fort). Naturally i just watched the fort like structure and its huge gate for a while and started walking back to the lecture halls. I was all alone, it was midnight. In a distance i could see the lonely street light in front of the mortuary. The place is supposed to have lots of souls around as all the un-natural deaths at my place come here for autopsy. So there i was alone in the middle of no where, surrounded by darkness...

To be continued...

Saying no to 'easy money'

How hard is it ti say to say no to money when it's offered to you. Money which you don't deserve. Today was a relatively free day in the OP like all Tuesdays. By around 11.30 two well dressed gentlemen rushed into the OP asking me if could come to their home. They told that their father was critical and they've brought an auto for me. I told them i can't go to people houses and treat them as it was my working hour and people were waiting for me in the OP. They were quite adamant and showed me that only three people were there waiting and they too were willing for me & they will drop me back in 10 minutes. I again tried to make them understand that i won't be able to properly treat the patient by going to their home. That it would be a lot better if they brought the patient to the hospital. Then they tried to say things like they had relatives at very high places and they were influential people. So i ran out of excuses and had to see the father of these 'influential' people. Ethically it would be very hard for me if some thing happened to their father while i kept arguing with them. So i told the sister to keep patients waiting for 10 minutes. Went with them crammed in an auto to a nearby house. On the way it turned out they were not that 'influential' as they claimed. When i reached the house i found a 70-year-old man with stroke who was bedridden since 2 weeks. He had a weak pulse and was a bit disoriented due to hyponatraemia(lack of salt in food). I told them to give him rice water with a little salt and he needed lab testing (for hyponatraemia) and an IV drip from the nearby hospital if possible. Since my hospital has OP facilities only i recommended the small private hospital near their home.

On my way back the old mans son offered me two hundred rupee notes. He just pushed it into my hand despite my protests. I gave it back to him and told him he could put it in the pain & palliative donation box at my hospital. It was wrong for me to accept money for treating a patient during my working hours. I never felt any attraction towards money since years. All i earn every month goes into by bank account and by now it should contain an amount that will be enough to conduct my wedding :) (without taking dowry)
Accepting easy money or any money from people makes me debted to them ethically. And i hate liabilities. Now they all are debted to me. I prefer that liability from their side for the help i rendered free of charge. Such relations have always helped me during tough times.

I don't know if its useless to be idealistic in this money crazy world. I am not a great idealist, just some one trying to make a difference by doing my bit. This is my prayer to you god. I don't have any fancy words or songs for you. I don't come to church, but every time i try to make a difference is actually a prayer for you. I don't want anything from your side. Just remembering you that's all.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

26/11: no hope for justice?

"Kasab is just a pawn, the king & queen are still on the board" these are the words of a father of a 26/11 victim. His son and daughter in law were murdered by people from across the border. I heard their radio conversations in a National Geographic documentary. I heard the handlers ordering their pawns to kill women and elderly. These pawns were hoping to reach heaven by killing women and children. It comforts me knowing the fact that they are now roasting in hell.
I have a feeling that its useless in conducting talks with our neighbour. Last time we talked, we got Kargil war. Next time we got 26/11. Its absolutely useless in talking to the civilian government. Its better to talk to the their military leaders or terrosist heads.

Midnight.. Its raining

I'm lying in my bed typing this and i could hear the rain pouring down outside. I could hear the sound of the fan turning at a slow speed.. Rrheang rrheang rrheang... It's the sound :) repeating it over and to the point that i don't hear it any more. Right now the rain picked up pace a little. Sounds of water pouring down from roof, water falling on leaves.. No other sound. Even the neighbours dogs are silent. The silence of the night is quite nice here. The main road is a bit far so no more vehicle sounds. I wonder how many people are walking on the streets right now? No one i think. Its 1.30am. Everyone should be hard asleep and its raining, so even the watchman might be asleep. My eyes are drooping.. Its sad i have only my pillow to hug in this cold night :) One of the side effects of being single at 28. Wife, family, kids, responsibilities, running after money, sleepless night taking care of the baby, dropping family to school, work.. Phew! Lets stay single for another year. Hello Mr Pillow.. :) shall we?
Good night folks.

Monday, November 1, 2010

'Shikkar' has an un-necessary first half

Shikkar would have been a good thriller IF.. the plot was not stretched to accommodate un necessary songs, family drama and comical acts. The songs are boring, the comical acts by suraj & jagathi are not funny and they are presented as a filler between the serious scenes of the real plot. So they appear awkward instead of being funny. There are even some local villains stuffed in the first half to accommodate a typical lalettan fight scene. The fight scenes look weak with usual superhero stunts. The small romantic angle between mohanlal and a young actress looks awkward as she looks as young as his daughter in the movie.

The good part about the film is the second half with the original plot. The movie would have fared better if it had skipped its entire first half. It would have been a big hit if it was made like Bhramaram or BigB i.e by giving importance to the original plot. The naxalite angle adds life to the movie after the first half. It picks up pace and keeps audience glued to their seat till the end. I think the original plot of the movie was stretched to add all the masala elements which ruined it. An average movie, watch it if you are a Mohanlal fan.