Sunday, April 17, 2011

I'm back, a better me :)

I am blogging after a gap of 4 months. You must be wondering where i was all this time :) Well, a lot of things have changed. I, have changed. When i left blogging, i took up walking, later started running.

Here's a journal on what happened:
Journal: Reclaiming my life:

16 Nov 2010: Started walking on roads, didn't track the distance or time.

13 Dec 2010: Began walking in the stadium. Used the pedometer in the iPod Nano to track the number of steps.

08 Feb 2011: Total distance Walked: 322 kms in 72 hours covering 48 days.
Switched to Running. With a tracking sensor in my shoes, called Nike+ iPod Sports Kit.

16 Apr 2011: Total distance Ran: 805.5 kms in 104:44 hours covering 67 days, Calories burnt: 45,880

Total Distance walked/ran since Dec 13 2010: 1127 kms